Top 10 Natural Pain Relievers

Are you sick and tired of using medication to deal with chronic pain? Do you want to know what you actually consume and what it does to your body after consuming it? Most of you don’t know what happens to your body when consuming medication and what kind of consequences they have. If the pain is not that severe you should try naturally to relieve it, you can do that with meditation, heat, massage and other things you probably have never heard about. These pain relievers are natural, can be found in your home and for some of the treatments you only need your hands. Try them and tell us what you think.

1. Release Your Inner Endorphins



Working out is proven to be the best way to release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in our brain that make us happy and they are as effective as any pain medication. What they do is they block pain signals from ever reaching your brain.

2. Find Company



Finding a good listener and someone who is facing the same chronic pain as you can be a great pain reliever because the pain will become more manageable. A great way to get involved is an online group that is supportive and active.

3. Eat Cookies



Eating sweets, cookies, chocolate, ice cream has shown that it helps reduce the sensation of pain. You are focused on the sugar you are digesting and endorphins are released in the process, making you forget about the pain. But don’t over eat, this solution is temporary.

4. Heat Therapy



If you are not able to do a heated rock therapy a hot wet towel or bottle with hot water will do just fine. Apply the heated object on the pain spot and hold on for a while. What the heat does is directs the healing oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area, and it suppresses pain signals.

5. Ice Therapy



Some pain ( back or knee pain) comes with a certain level of inflammation, and ice is the best way to stop it. Ice works as a local anesthetic, and that means is blocks the pain signals reaching to your brain cells. Grab some ice and place on the affected area, hold still for 10 seconds and repeat the process couple of minutes.

6. Stretch



The worst thing you can do to your back pain is ignore it and do nothing about it. The spine is made for movement, so when having a back pain the best thing to do is continue moving and stretching the painful spot. It may take weeks or even months to loosen up the painful spot, but eventually it will happen is you stretch with continuity.

7. Sunbath



Go outside, enjoy the sun and the good weather at least 10-15 minutes a day. The sun helps the body produce vitamin D, and research has shown that people with increased vitamin D feel less pain and are more happy due to the endorphins released.

8. Meditate Twice Daily



Meditation comes in many different forms, find the things that calm you down. For some people it’s listening to music or listening to birds, for others is reading or watching a good movie. Do meditation at least twice a day and you will feel your pain going away.

9. Get Enough Sleep



This is a very crucial part to managing your pain. By regularly exercising your body will need the time to rest and this will lead to a good night sleep. Avoid exercising at least 4 hours before going to bed, because your body will be still warm and unable to shut down.

10. Enjoy a Massage



A massage gets the blood flowing and it increases the body producing endorphins. It is the perfect way to nourish your body and it’s good for your overall health. Make sure that the massage is highly therapeutic and it fits your needs.

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