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Top 10 Nature’s Amazing Creations

Nature surprises us every day. Starting from simple things like climate changing, tornadoes, etc. to discovering new amazing caves, underground lakes, hidden beaches, or new flora and fauna species.

But let’s take a look at some of nature’s masterpieces, real artwork you never thought could be real. Our astonishing Planet has so many secrets within, we are not even sure that we as humans are able to discover them all. Here are the top 10 of nature’s amazing creations!

Pink Lake Hillier, Australia

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It a shame that this beautiful lake can never be visited, but then again since we humans cannot be too trusted with polluting everywhere we go, best so. However, one can admire the view from high above on the many helicopter rides to overlook a very unique landmark indeed. Expressing sheer beauty. It will also be totally safe to swim within it, as the color comes from the algae, halobacteria, and other sources of microbe organisms. It is also worth knowing that the lake is equally as salty as the Dead Sea. The Lake is located on the edge of Middle Island, Western Australia.

Blood Falls, Antarctica

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The falls were discovered in 1911 where a group of scientists noticed that the fall had a dark color red stain onto it. Having researched how this phenomenon could happen, scientists have found that the fall was high in iron oxide flowing from the tongue of the glacier onto the ice-covered surface of West Lake Bonney, in the Taylor Valley in Victoria Land, East Antarctica.
Interestingly enough, the glacier dates back to a couple of million years ago, where all the microorganisms and microbes were trapped so to speak all this time, creating an ancient community that came back to life recently after the glacier experienced a fissure within it.

Underwater Forest, Lake Kaindy


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So much beauty of nature got discovered in 1911, but would you believe in the same year as the glacier above, was found the beautiful underwater forest, around 130 kilometers away from the city Almaty. The phenomena happened straight after an earthquake triggered a large landslide blocking the gorge and forming a natural dam. Visits are permitted and even underwater diving to explore its clear underwater marvel it hides away. It is not unusual for the river to shift from the color turquoise to emerald green, and is an absolute sight for amateurs seeking one of a kind life experience.

Thor’s Well, Oregon

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Thor’s Well is also known as the drainpipe of the Atlantic, forming a hole within it draining the ocean away. Well, not literally but certainly seem to do so. Magnificently placed in the area of Cape Perpetua, near the Yachats area. It is around 6 meters deep, or 20 feet, and was formed when the thrashing ocean eroded a sea cave, causing it to collapse leaving a natural hole in the rock. Looks dramatic when tides are high. One cannot simply visit the site, as the hole has such a powerful dragging power that a small boat can be pulled within it without any signs of rescue possibility. Best admired from high above!

Frozen Air Bubbles, Abraham Lake, Canada


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Most lakes do foam up and cause when the surface tension of water is decreased and the air is mixed into the water. Organic materials from naturally decaying plants and animals can reduce the surface tension of water, and when the wind blows across it, or waves wash against the shore, bubbles are produced. This year, the man-made lake got frozen late and usually does entirely freeze up towards minus 30 degrees celsius. It is extremely dangerous to get anywhere near the lake as it can change conditions in seconds making it unsafe. However, from high ground or on land, one can still gaze at its magnificence. One has a window opportunity of 6 weeks to get to see the lake fully frozen, between early-mid December to mid-January.

Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

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The crater has been created more than 40 years ago and has been burning ever since. A drilling mishap has meant that the number of noxious gases was underestimated and the burning last to date. The Soviet scientists supposedly are responsible for this force of nature “Door To Hell”, and is now part of the landscape of Turkmenistan. It is 69 meters wide and an impressive 30 meters deep. No one really knows when the fire will stop, if ever. In 2013 for the first-ever time, a storm chaser and explorer George Kourounis did find some form of life after being granted a special license a year and a half after application. Anyone however is more than welcome to visit the site, although extremely not recommended!

Caño Cristales, The Most Colorful River in The World

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Nothing muddy, dark greenish waters or, nor a pristine turquoise, see-thru water with the odd pebble or rock within it, instead, we present you, the most colorful river in the world. This phenomenon is caused by a red plant named Macarenia Clavigera which is growing in the riverbed. Other colors would come from the black rocks, blue water, green algae, and yellow. Sand. The entire area is covered by nature at its most beautiful with some of the rarest and unique plants on the planet. A stunningly beautiful area.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees, Hawaii

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Could this have prompted the genius film director, James Cameron, to create the epic, award-winning movie Avatar? Either way, this is an extraordinary phenomenon created by nature itself. These trees are found in Indonesia, the Philippines, and New Guinea, basically in very rainy areas in the world. Utter one of a king tree that can grow up to 80 meters high. The trees look like they have been painted by abstract artists that must be seen to be believed. Hawaii is truly the paradise in the Pacific where nature thrives like in no other places.

Natural Pools, Pamukkale, Turkey

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The “Cotton Castle” is directly translated from the word Pamukkale in Turkish, is a natural site in Denizli, South-West Turkey. The area is famous for a carbonate mineral left by the flowing waters. Over thousands of years, not possible to be overly exact on this one, the mineral has formed stupendous white water pools famous all around the world for their healing properties. It was used as a spa resort for Romans back in the days, and today, one can still have a swim!

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

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Found on the border of Guatemala, Belize is home to a unique phenomenon 124 meters deep and 318 meters wide creating an almost perfect circle. Divers can attend to the site and go diving, however only for the very experienced as it remains a relatively dangerous thing to do. The sinkhole is located roughly 70 kilometers away from the mainland of Belize and easily reached by boat. At the bottom, there is no oxygen whatsoever and therefore no life can be found. A remarkable and mystical area and landmark, one of 175 spotted all over the world.

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