Top 10 New Year’s Eve Breathtaking Fireworks of 2014

In this time of prejudice and differences, the one thing that we can call universal with absolute certainty is the New Year’s Eve celebration. All around the world, people from every nation awaited the new year and last night at midnight we said goodbye to the old 2013 and welcomed the new and hope-filled 2014 with a loud bang. Fireworks have become the main event that marks every new year mass gathering in every city of every country and this year there have certainly been some fireworks for for the record books, which is a statement of fact for Dubai. So, feast your eyes with these breath-taking top 10 fireworks display and have a Happy New Year.

Athens, Greece


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Moscow, Russia


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Jakarta, Indonesia


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Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China


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Berlin, Germany


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New York City, New York, USA


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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Sidney, Australia


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London, Great Britain


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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