Feeling bored by your current home décor and you want to make a changes but you haven’t planned a budget for redecoration? Don`t worries we have top 10 wonderful ideas for DIY décor, but do you know what is the best thing – it is for no money! Yes it is possible, take a look of our choices for you and get ready for easy decoration and beautiful remodeling of your home.

You can make a dramatic difference in your home’s appearance even with simple home decor ideas. A lot of things can be done to refresh your interior, you can replace some of the old decors with new accessories of matching style and color to the room, you can also add some greenery to your home, moreover add lighting it plays a very important role in the overall mood and appearance of your room. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

Just choose some of our top 10 selection and boost your creativity and let us know how it goes!

1. Decorate Your Wall With Paper Flowers Dahlias


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You can decorate your wall with this stunning late summer flowers using paper in color of your choice. The project is very easy to make; you also can find a video here with step-by-step demonstration.

2. The DIY Plastic Bottle Bouquet Lamp Shade


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Here is a great idea for DIY bouquet lamp shade made from plastic bottles. This lamp is very decorative and beautiful and not too hard to make, just follow the project guide. Moreover you can choose bottle with different color to make sophisticate ambient lightening in your room.

3. Vintage Chic Storage Cans Containers


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Make your own beautiful decorations repurposing old cans into elegant chic storage containers. You can paint them in any color that match to your home ambient and add bits of old jewellery, buttons, and ribbons from the stash. You can add fresh flowers in it or you can use them to store small things, or put your make-up inside. A perfect decor!

4. Gold Fringe Chandelier


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Create this gorgeously fun chandelier using gold foil paper and it is about as cute as it gets. It is very easy to replicate yourself, and don’t be afraid to experiment with color, too.

5. Hanging Macrame Chair


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It will take a lot of time and effort to make this hanging macrame chair but it is worth it! Hanging macrame chair is a perfect and elegant decor, stylish and fashionable, matching with different room designs in every home since it is made in white color.

6. Wine Crates Display Cases


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This project will add character and personality to your house. You can provide free crates in your local wine shop and embellish them with rich and elegant print. You can cover crates on either sides, inside and outside, or you can simple leave rough-hewn look outside and add print inside. It is your choice!

7. Wall Art Jewellery


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Use your jewellery to dress up your walls. Turn the tangle of jewellery in your jewellery box into artwork. Not only will your walls sparkle, but you’ll be more likely to wear pieces because you see them on a regular basis.

8. Decorate Curtains With Jewellery


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Another perfect use of your jewellery is to decorate your curtains. Some crystal necklaces as curtain tiebacks will be a wonderful decor. Be creative and add finished touch to your living room.

9. Stack Books Side Table


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If you have many books and no shelves to organize them you can simply decorate your living room by placing the books by your sofa or chairs. You can also use stack books as a side table to put your cup of coffee, tea, or you can decorate them additionally with flowers vase.

10. Display Magazines on Hangers


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For the easiest and fastest decor of your home you can simply display your favorite magazines on hangers. You will only have to choose thin hangers and shift magazines in the middle. On this way you can make easy spotting decor on your wall.