A Cake that can not be eaten? You must feel disappointed right now – but after seeing these AMAZING gift cake ideas you will so wanna try and make one. We found the best of the best projects and tried to keep them different from each other in order to cover (almost) every occasion. Back to school supplies, baby stuff, shower sets, flowers – we got them all. Check out our choice of The Top 10 Non-Edible DIY Gift Cakes…

DIY Pretty Cake Gift Box

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How to make a 3-layer DIY diaper cake

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DIY Three Tiered Beer Cake

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DIY Simple & Cute Diaper Cake

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Birthday cake piñata

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Felt Chocolate Cake

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DIY: Bridal Shower Cake

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School Supply Cake

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DIY Purple Towel Wedding Cake

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DIY Wedding / Shower Gift: Towel Cake!

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