What’s better than playing some of today’s best online PC games? Playing them with other people of course! There are so many great titles out there, that we wanted to round up some of the finest options that will have you glued to your computer screen for several hours (just remember to do some exercises every now and then!) Regardless of whether you enjoy action, puzzle, or simply exploration games, here are some fantastic titles to try out.

1. League of Legends

You know a game is big when it has its own championship league played in arenas. The frantic and intense action of League of Legends is played by approximately 27 million people all across the world every day, so if you’re going to join online, prepare yourself for quite the extreme introduction! The MOBA game contains so many diverse characters – all with their own fantastic special abilities – that you’ll find out soon enough which type of fighter you prefer.

2. Minecraft

Though some might not understand the fuss about the pixelated game, there are millions around the world who adore it, so much so that they have created their own online clubhouses of sorts, in which a group of people can play amongst their friends to create incredible structures. Anyone wanting to start their own league can look at these options for gaming servers and ask others to join. Next step, create your own amazing Minecraft world such as this!

3. Evolve

Four people all on the same team who are trying to bring down a monster? That’s old news. How about three people on a team, and someone gets to control the monster itself? If you fancy yourself as more of a lone wolf villainous type, then you can act as one of the scariest monsters seen in a long time, and attempt to destroy those humans trying to do the same to you!

4. Borderlands 2

It’s not new by any means, but Borderlands 2 is still one of the most popular and fun online games today. The first-person shooter has unique graphics and an interesting upgrade system, meaning you can constantly improve your weaponry and never get bored of finding ways to defeat your enemies.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Each Call of Duty game has a solid campaign and multiplayer mode, but Black Ops III has the best zombie mode seen in a long time. Though it may seem fruitless to play because there is no end to the mode (it just gets harder and harder until you’re killed), the gameplay is always fun, and with three other online players, it’s team-building like you’ve never seen before.

6. Left 4 Dead 2

Another zombie game to play with three others, Left 4 Dead 2 is slightly different from Black Ops III, in that it’s far spookier and slower, compared to CoD’s never-ending barrage of dangerous zombies. You’ll have to keep your wits about you and remain close as a team to stay alive in L4D2.

7. Portal 2

Portal 2 as a solo campaign was difficult and intricate enough, but throw another player into the mix and things become a real challenge! Each player has their own portal gun, so there are up to four portals in the room at any time… madness! You’ll still have to work cooperatively to solve the game’s puzzles, so take your time and think hard about how you’ll get to the next room.

8. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

You know those movie scenes, in which a person on the phone is attempting to explain how to diffuse a bomb to a fearless action hero? Well, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has recreated such a scenario. One player has the instructions, the other player is in front of the ticking bomb. Calm nerves and good communication skills are needed, as things can get tense once the timer gets close to the end.

9. Payday 2

A good old fashioned bank robbery is the name of the game with Payday 2. You and three other players get the chance to execute daring heists that hopefully go off without a hitch. Only, you may have to enter into a gun battle with the police if things don’t exactly go to plan.

10. Far Cry 4

Far Cry is a gaming series that has never taken itself too seriously, with larger than life characters and outlandish scenarios, it has always been a treat to delve into if you want a quick and fun shooter game. Although only two gamers can play co-op together, it’s still an absolute joy to romp around the Himalayas and attempt to shoot your way out of any bad situation in Far Cry 4.