Winter is the season of oranges, because at that period of the year they are the most natural and most delicious. Not many ingredients are as versatile as the orange…with them you can make  fresh juice, you can use them as the “zing” in herbal teas or as a tangy ingredient in a creamy dessert. In the dark days of winter the best thing we can do is to make satisfying orange-based dessert  to bring us out of our doldrums. Oranges make a sweet and colorful dessert and their infusions often add just the kick a recipe needs. From Orange and Cinnamon Mince Pies to Orange Walnut Macarons with Spiced Cream Cheese and Cranberry Filling, we’ve rounded up best dessert recipes with orange flavor. Tell us, what’s your favorite way to enjoy oranges?

Orange Walnut Macaroons with Spiced Cream Cheese and Cranberry Filling

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Orange, Blueberry and Olive Oil Muffins

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Carrot Cake with Orange Flavor

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Cranberry-Orange Pound Cake

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Dark Chocolate Cranberry Orange Muffins

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Cranberry Orange Cheesecake

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Orange-Frosted Cranberry Cookies

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Castagnaccio – Italian Chestnut Flour Cake

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Low-Fat Chocolate Angel Cake with Raspberry-Orange Sauce

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Orange and Cinnamon Mince Pies

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