Everybody loves an easy homemade bead jewelry! These are some of our very best beads jewelry patterns, perfect for anytime and for special occasion also! This Beads Jewelry patterns are also great for beginners because they don’t require any tools and only use simple knotting techniques. Wear them stacked on your wrist for a fun, eclectic effect! Elegance, glamour and shine is all you can do for yourself. Holidays are coming so make Christmas earrings you’ll want to wear all season long with this recommended patterns for Cute Christmas Tree Earrings. Simply stack three crystal beads to create the Christmas tree shape and you can do the same for every jewelry you desire. These Earrings and necklace are perfect for winter. The idea goes perfectly with all those knit scarves and sweaters and you can add a pop of color to all your winter neutrals! Learn how to make a beaded wrap bracelet like the ones you’ve been seeing on all the most fabulous fashion icons. Who said beads weren’t perfect for making modern and gorgeous jewelry?

 Beaded Leather Bracelet


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If you’re an absolute beginner or just in a hurry  feel free to make a shorter bracelet than the one shown here. You’ll uses fewer materials and you won’t need to stop and add a new thread before you finish. Don’t miss out on the Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet trend!

Simple Beaded Necklace


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This lovely elegant non shaped Bead Necklace is delicate and feminine, yet it definitely stands out. Follow these seed bead necklace instructions to create a chain of beautiful necklace with pretty pearl centers. You’ll feel like a princess in this piece! If you have been wanting to learn how to make a beaded necklace, this beautiful pattern is great for helping you design a stunning seed bead jewelry project. You can choose the color!

Cute Christmas Tree Earrings


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Earrings using Crystal beads are going to be your standard gift to those who love this Christmas at least, the women you love. As for the men also! Learn how to make bead earrings with chain to add an Christmas tree and you can add red bead if you want.

Christmas Tree Elegant Earrings


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These would be great for tree decorations, hanging off necklaces or even a dangling gift tag. Follow these free jewelry making instructions to make your very own Christmas Modern Pearl Necklace and Earring Set. This is one beaded jewelry design that never goes out of style for this period of year.

Evening Sparkle Bracelet


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This is a fun bracelet to make. It uses both R.A.W. (Right Angle Weave) and netting. It’s made in 3 stages, and you can stop after each stage and have a different look. These playful pieces are perfect for special occasion and night out. Learn to make fashion earrings and a ring also, that will be as a crown of your well done job.

 Ribbon Lariat Necklace

Lariat-Necklace via marthastewart.com

Metallic ribbon and silvery bugle beads echo pearls’ luster with a subtle sheen. If a few bugle beads come loose from the ties, don’t fret they can be replaced easily. Instead of going out and buying a pendant, make one by molding a shape out of ribbon. You are free to choose color or do it in a way you are keen on.

Easy Turquoise Necklace


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This easy project makes a beautiful statement necklace, perfect for dressing up any outfit. Mix up vintage items with new findings to create this clever colorful or mono DIY necklace. This homemade necklace is the perfect piece to wear with a party dress or to class up a tee shirt and jeans ensemble.

Beautiful Flower Earrings In Green And Peach


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These beautiful flower earrings are made by adding beads, and hold them in place with very thin wire. Varying the length of the twisted wire from the -stem- to the bead, gives the impression of flowers on a stem of silver. Since the wire is so flexible you can create vines of beads quite easily.

 Vintage Brooch Necklace


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This Vintage Brooch Necklace is a great way to make use of those mismatched and broken earrings and brooches that have been cluttering up your jewelry box. This easy project makes a beautiful statement necklace, perfect for dressing up any outfit. Here you’ll find three fabulous and free beaded necklace patterns that are perfect for a quick gift or a last minute party accessory to complete your look.

Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet


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Within this mess of fun colors, would you have ever been able to guess that the main beads are circuit breakers? This is example that you can make Gorgeous DIY jewelry which can come from almost anything you have lying around. Whether you’re turning some trash into chic treasure, repurposing random odds and ends around your house into awesome accessories or old jewelry you don’t wear anymore into something fresh and new, there are so many ways to make recycled jewelry.