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Top 10 Reasons To Consider Dating a Younger Guy

Think you can’t date a younger man? Think again and. Here are the top ten reasons consider dating younger – and love every minute of it! You don’t have to be Demi Moore or Jennifer Lopez to be with a younger fella – you just have to be open to it!

Women often overlook this seizable and fun pool of potential partners in pursuit of a traditional older man. But why?
Security, commitment, the need to feel taken care of? Because society standards say so? When it comes to love, age doesn’t matter. So why not try out your luck with someone younger?
Maybe this will convince you..

1. Infectious Energy



The influence of a younger energetic guy can definitely make a happier, more productive and fun you. They are positive, live in the moment and insist on healthy, sporty life. Dragging you to late night parties, sport events and other social activities will give you a new view of life.

2. They’re Open to New Experiences



Always wanted to hike the Himallayas, make a sex tape and try out your chances as a singer? Younger guys are open-minded and will support you at almost any crazy idea you have.

 3. They Admire and Respect Your Independence



Most men feel like they have to be the more dominant one it the relationship, meaning them being the protectors and providers. Younger guys on the other hand admire your talents and determination and rather than being intimidated they are more appreciative of having an independent woman by their side.

4. Less Romantic History



Instead of dealing with his ex-wife or trying to connect with his children, you will enjoy him spending all his time on you.

5. Relive Your Best Years!



Having your experience and his optimistic and energetic view of the world you can relive the fun days from the past without suffering through the worst parts. Remember the late night calls, weekend get-aways, concerts and gigs  and feel like a teenager again!

6. He Can Take Your Advice



He is aware that you more familiar with some things such as job searching and interviews so he’s more likely to take your advice without letting it bruise his ego.

7. Great In Bed



Given your experience he will constantly try to better himself and live up to your expectations. He will listen any advice and possibly take notes!

8. He’s Less Skeptical



He’s probably full of dreams and aspiration about his life and future and a little optimistic and hopeful thinking is never a bad thing.

9. You Call The Shots



He is fine with you having control of things and is more likely to give in to your preferences. You are the alpha-dog in this relationship!

 10. Young Guys Are Hot



As attractive as mature men are, they will never have the simple handsomeness of the younger ones. Fit, energetic, hot, young guys are a total win!

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