“Watermelon” literally means summer in food language. Whenever you smell it, we bet you close your eyes and think of that beach when you were sipping your fav cocktail and having bites of this delicious gift of nature. Colors are fitting the season and hopefully your mood. Watermelon is also counted as a substitute for water or any other kind of fluid that you body really needs in those hot summer days. There are many more benefits that a watermelon offers and we made a list on time so you get used to the fact that wherever you go in the upcoming summer season…watermelon is a MUST!

Low In Calories

Watermelon is one of the foods that are lowest in calories. It has only 26,5 calories in 100gr. Isn’t that fantastic for a summer brunch? Yes, it is.


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Good Antioxidant

This summer delight is a source of antioxidants, such as vitamin C and Vitamin A. Many researches had shown that food that is rich in those vitamins prevents a lot of heart and cancer diseases. Even though is a sweet fruit, it can be perfectly combined in a salad.


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Neutral Ph Value

While many goods we use daily are increasing the acids we put in our body, watermelon is balancing those and it keeps our Ph value on a neutral level. We hope you know how important that is.


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Vitamin Source

Watermelon is a good source of vitamin B group, especially B6 and B1 which are producing energy to your cells and which your muscles are wasting while active. In translate, watermelon is helping you stay active and full of energy throughout the day.


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Magnesium and Calcium Source

This summer refreshment is full of calcium and magnesium. Lack of magnesium is usually causing muscle cramp, while sweating wastes the calcium in your body and you need to make it up by consuming this pink heaven called watermelon.


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Increases Your Daily Fluid Intake

Your body will be thankful to you for consuming watermelon. You enjoy the taste, while the watermelon fills the daily fluid needed for your body and organs to function properly. Win-win situation.


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It Lowers Your Blood Pressure

It is a good source of citrulline – the amino acid that our body is using to produce substance that lowers the blood pressure, but also a substance that is good for people suffering from diabetes type II because it increases the sensitivity of insulin.


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It Lowers The Risk Of Certain Diseases

Having 3 cups of fruits a day lowers the risk of degenerative diseases of the eyes. Watermelon is a perfect choice since is tasty, refreshing and low in calories.


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It Helps Your Weight Loss Goal

As we mentioned before, watermelon is an antioxidant and has its own benefits. One of those is that it helps you lose weight. For best results, you should eat 2-3 pieces before lunch.


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Summer Cocktails

And our favorite reason to love watermelon is that you can make soooo many variation of drinks, cocktails, smoothies. Anything. Just blend it with all other ingredients you like, add your favorite spirit and let the summer fun begin!


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