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Top 10 Reasons To Ride a Bike

The well-known saying goes – Cycling can never be forgotten. Besides being a great cardio exercise for your body, burn calories, and quickly takes you to the desired destination, cycling is a very fun activity that will fill you with a sense of happiness.

Every day is perfect for this fun activity that can equally well be practiced alone and in the company. Following read a few additional reasons why it is desirable to remove the bike from your garage and start using it more often.

Bicycling has all sorts of health benefits-engaging your legs while being easy on the joints, and providing a sense of freedom and enjoyment. In case you still need convincing, here’s a list of reasons to hop on your bike this spring.

Relieves Stress


Most of us lead busy lifestyles especially when work is concerned. It could be parenting too as it does lead to being constantly worried and carrying for the little ones so this falls under the same category so to speak. Exercising in every way shape and form is great for you, especially getting on two seater bikes making the world feel like it is your own.  Not only will you get a sense of freedom, but also nature, your health, and keep stress away. Because for the small amount of time you will be on your bike, the only thing you will think about is where to go, look at the surroundings, appreciate nature, breath the fresh air, and think of nothing related to stressful situations.

Increases Concentration and Stimulates the Brain


Some of us might work at the gym to either increase muscle mass, lose weight or simply wish to keep fit. However brilliant it is, nothing beats stimulating your brain as well as your core and overall physic. Being around an enclosed environment is where we spend most of our time. At home, work, in a car, or at the gym. This really does not stimulate a lot of the brain. Cycling does because there is so much information arriving in such a short time. And this is possibly the most important part of the training.

Burning Calories and Toning Legs



Cycling burns some of the most calories out of any other form of exercising. More than running as your heart rate stays reasonably stable unless you are mountain climbing. You get a full workout while on a bike. It is also uneven, so you are naturally testing your endurance while toning those legs. And every muscle in the legs will be tested and therefore toned. The feeling of having your muscles tightened does stimulate the proud sensation giving ourselves self-motivation to continue especially seeing results.

It Controls Appetite



Having an extra push during your workouts can actually mean that you will reach for the greens before thinking about getting yourself a hazelnut double-shot cafe latte with extra whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top with a cookie on the side. In theory, one can indulge a little more than those not working out but this will not be the case according to a study in the United Kingdom. Counting your daily calories will not be as effective would you believe. A natural side effect kicks in when you will have a spinning class for example, or doing something equally as intensive over a rather long period of time. The longer the workout, the more the effect of not wishing to binge eat will last.

Back and Overall Posture


Most of us know and have been taught how to ride a bike and how to balance ourselves not too full on either side. However, we might have not been taught about posture. And posture is vastly important. Without the correct know-how, you will soon exhaust yourself and strain many parts of your body which were meant to relax while cycling. As long as you keep your shoulders low, and your spine/back straight without feeling rigid, then chances are you are doing fine. What this will teach you, is to control your posture when not riding your bike, meaning most of the time during the morning, day and night.

Protects the Heart


Heart failure mainly occurs in middle-aged people, having the main artery on our left-hand side clogging, which is the main source of oxygen from our body to the brain. Master, mature athletes even at a certain age, will have larger ventricles, meaning the ones usually found in the younger ones thanks to exercising in general. Not only will it protect the heart and the oxygen influx within your entire body, but it is also a fun exercise that can be done at home or in nature.

Better Quality Sleep


If you have ever exercised, even just once or daily without overdoing it, you would have had, chances are, the best night’s sleep ever! Regardless if you are aching in the morning or by mid-afternoon, but that sleep was like none ever before! Generally speaking, you empty your mind so much by cycling, and working most muscles in your body, and that’s a lot, that tiredness naturally comes. It’s great exhaustion. If you are a light sleeper, or if you had in the past difficulties falling asleep, ride a bike, you will see; natural medicine.

Improve Sexual Life


Cycling can be practiced for almost one lifetime, or say at least 90% of it. And this is a lot hence, a lot of sexual togetherness with your partner! The risks of suffering an injury due to cycling are very low and one of the lowest of all sports, thus accessible to most of us. The lack of doing exercises, the diet of today’s society, and the way we eat to our cardiovascular can all be corrected by hopping on a bike for half an hour or so as much as every day of the week. Or no less than 3 times a week. Feeling good means the testosterones are alert, and the enjoyment of love-making is there. Deficiency in keeping fit will result in a high deficiency in wanting to stay active, in every sense of the word.

Makes You Look Younger


Feeling good always will make you look and feel younger. Even exercising in excess is too extreme. One must find a happy medium within their lifestyle. And chances are, if you hop on your bike and binge eat only once a week, alongside a good glass of wine, this will make you look less than your parents and even grandparents. But still, make you feel like the 50s are the new 40s. That’s the aim. And if you feel younger you act younger.

Save the Planet


This comes as no surprise. Overusing our planet’s natural resources is making us slowly but surely destroy everything about it. In the meantime, we can still save the planet by doing our bit. Yes, the world is going electric but to produce electricity one needs and must burn fossil fuel. So, not the world-saving answer just yet. But cycling required nothing else but self-propelling abilities, not only making you feel great, but free of toxic gases creating a thicker ozone layer, creating a greenhouse effect, warming the planet, and melting the ice caps. Simple.

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