The Best State to Live In, Texas, or also known as the Lone Star State, is the second biggest state in the United States and the second most populous, after California. While we’re constantly hearing about how wonderful life in New York is and how California is a state of mind, more and more people choose Texas as their home and there is a very good reason for that. In fact, it’s not just one reason.

If you’re considering about moving to Texas, you’re going to make a good decision for all the possible reasons – financially, socially and in all ways possible.

Texas offers great living conditions and if you want to read more about why Texas is the best state to live in, keep on reading.

1. No Income Tax



Unlike most of their fellow Americans, the Texan people aren’t obligated to pay personal income tax and personal corporate tax as well. This makes Texas a tax – friendly state, especially for businesses, as there are approved $4 billion in tax cuts by the Governor Abott. Having that extra income with you has its own benefits – it can serve you well by helping you save more.