Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Watch

If time is going to go by then it might as well go by in style, right? Watches are arguably one of the best accessories you can own. Young or old, male or female, watches have been a staple accouterment for many people for decades. If you already own a watch, then this article will only reaffirm your decision. If you don’t own a watch and believe that your smartphone will suffice, well, read on and you may change your mind afterward.

Besides the obvious reason of needing to know what the time is at any given moment, there are many other reasons why you need a watch.

10. More polite when around other people

It’s widely acknowledged that looking at your phone when talking to other people is considered quite rude. This has gotten to the point where friends having drinks together will all put their phones in a pile on the table, and whoever is the first to “break” and check theirs will have to pay for the drinks! If you’re chatting to other people and need to know the time, a watch simply lets you glance at your wrist quickly, but still remain engaged and interested in the conversation.

9. Take a break from your phone

Having a watch also lets you just take a mini vacation from your phone for a while. If you’re going somewhere like the gym or yoga class where a phone isn’t so important, then leaving it at home and just wearing a watch is a great way to focus on your task at hand without distractions. It can be hard to feel enlightened when trying yoga if you’re constantly thinking about your phone buzzing!

8. There are many types to fit your style sense

As you can see from this page, Omega watches are one of many great brands which come in all shapes and styles (not to mention budgets). Whatever your fashion taste, it’s easy to find a watch to match that. Large watch face with a metal strap and gold numbers? No problem. Small watch face with a leather strap and silver numbers? That’s possible too. Whether you prefer vintage or modern designs, there is always a watch for you, and you’ll find it one way or another.

7. They look so beautiful

It’s hard to deny the sheer beauty of a wristwatch. These are crafted by some of the most brilliant designers, and when you find one that simply has that “wow” factor, you’ll know for sure that other people will compliment you and say the same. From the exquisite traditional designs of Rolex to the more modern and simple styles of MVMT watches, you can find beautiful watches at every turn.

6. They ooze style and sophistication

A watch just has that uncanny ability to showcase professionalism and class in a way not many accessories can do. For one, they are easy to spot anywhere; for example, at a business meeting. Many people respect someone with a good taste in watches, as it means they are a person who thinks carefully about their decisions and takes the time to look for something unique.

5. Great heirlooms

If you are ever given your grandfather’s or grandmother’s watch, you know that this is an item that has many stories to tell. A scratch here, a bump there, the faded leather strap: these are all things that have happened over the watch’s life. Keeping a watch in the family is a great way to keep an item going throughout history. A watch can be passed down from generation to generation.

4. You enjoy diving

The IWC Aquatimer, Omega Seamaster, and Rolex Submariner are all fantastic watches to wear when diving underwater. When you’re submerged, time is critical and you’ll definitely need a watch that can handle the pressure of being underwater.

3. Track your fitness

Today’s smartwatches, such as the Tag Heuer Connected and Apple Watch, are incredibly advanced pieces of technology that can track your heart rate, as well as distances covered and even calories burnt.

2. You appreciate luxury things

Put simply, watches are luxury items. If you love Ferraris, Gucci shoes, Tom Ford glasses or even an Apple iPhone, then you can appreciate the finer things in life. Watches are beautiful accessories that have a lot of thought put into them. If you respect art and craft, then you should respect a luxury watch.

1. It can complete an outfit

Let’s say you’re looking at yourself in the mirror whilst getting ready for a night out. You’ve got smart shoes, a great suit, beautifully styled hair and some great aftershave, but there’s just something missing that you can’t put your finger on. A watch will often be that missing piece that just brings together everything. It’s the simple beauty of a watch that will always ensure that they stay popular years from now.

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  • Oh, these are great tips. Maybe after reading this article a few people will buy a watch ?! I have several clocks, but my favorite is in the form of a medallion.

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