We are all sceptic even on the term “run”. We all underestimate ourselves and we think we can’t do it. In fact, we can. More pain, more gain. It doesn’t mean if you are skinny enough, you should not run. Yes, you should. You have health issues as well, you have body as well, and you can gain weight as well. So, you better keep a balance and start running on time. You will feel good, you are taking care of yourself by running. Not every one of us is aware of that so, we are here to point out to you why you should start doing it. Get your sneakers and get out of your house. It’s that simple. As soon as you are done and you get back home, thank yourself you finally did it. Well, thank us as well. We really are supporting you. It is not that hard. Repeat that in yourself.

Great For Your Heart

Blood supply is increased all over your body by 20% while you run. There are few organs that benefit from this fact. Also, the bad cholesterol is reduced by running which helps you in lowering the risk of diseases such as heart attacks, high blood pressure or stoke.


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Run For Your Lungs

Running will help you keep your lungs clean and you will breath easier. Having this benefit, your life in overall will start feeling better. Breathing easily is a huge step towards happiness.


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Losing Weight Guaranteed

Is there a better way to burn calories than running? We don’t think so. It all depends on your weight and the speed you have while running, but remember, faster you are – less you’ll weight.


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Ageing Later

It is definitely something we can not skip, but we can sure postpone it. Exercising is a proven way to do so. And running, it’s the best choice you can make. Run and stay younger longer.


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Kicking Out Depression

Running is one of the things that reduces depression very quickly. By releasing endorphins with running, your mood instantly change to better. It’s all about feeling good with yourself.


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Aids Digestion

Moving your body help in digesting your food properly. It also helps in absorbing the good nutrients from the food you’ve eaten all day.


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Protecting Bones

The bone density of your hips and legs is highly increased by running. It also helps in lowering the risk of  bone diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis.


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Better Sleep

Sleeping is very important for the functions in your life and it also affects your mood if it’s not proper. Running will not just make you tired and fall asleep easier, but it will also keep your mind out of negative thoughts and distractions for better dreams.


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Because You Are Happy

You must have ran in your life at least once. Do you remember the feeling? Amazing. You really shake the stress out of your shoulders and that really feels good. Plus, knowing you are doing something good for yourself it’s enough by itself.


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High Self – Confidence

Not giving up will just make you understand how strong, good and valuable you are. And that is just boosting your self – confidence and how far in life you can get by loving yourself. Keep going that road!


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