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Top 10 Romantic Cakes for Valentine’s Day

For every couple in the world, the most important thing is to be romantic. But, we do not have time across the whole year to do such things that will light up our love life and send your partner to the moon. And these simple surprises are really the one thing that every human being wants, there are no exceptions. Valentine’s Day remind us that we have to do something amazing and romantic for our loved one, and we are happy that this holiday is here for us every year. This particular year we have decided to make a lovely list of top 10 romantic cakes for Valentine’s Day, to help you to make a really creative dessert for your soul mate. Try and make some of these wonderful cakes and let us know if everything goes as well as planned!

Cherry-Vanilla Layer Cake


Cherry-vanilla layer cake, besides that it sounds very delicious, it has very romantic and interesting look and it’s very easy to make too. So, don’t you think that this is the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert for your loved one?

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Rose Cake


Aren’t roses the most romantic thing of all? Yes they are, no question about it, they are simply a synonym for love in the whole world. We have found a tempting recipe for a mouth-watering cake with roses all over it especially for you. Find out if this is true in the link below.

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Red Velvet Cake


Red color, shape of a heart, these are the perfect stuff for a real Valentine’s Day dessert. Try to make this fantastic red velvet cake for this year’s holiday and celebrate love in a really original way. Is your partner satisfied with this idea?

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Hidden Heart Valentine’s Pound Cake


Valentine’s day is the most beloved holiday everywhere around the globe. If you want to make something incredible for your companion in life this is the perfect dessert. These hidden hearts inside the delicious cake will warm your hearts forever!

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Chocolate Cake Piled High with Berries


Everyone loves all kinds of berries, they are really tasty, healthy and they are also a perfect ingredient for every kind of dessert. So, take a look at this wonderful recipe and make this chocolate cake full of different kinds of berries for a perfect Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine Bundt Cake with Cherry Vanilla Frosting


Let’s try something unordinary this time and take a look at this superb Valentine bundt cake with cherry vanilla frosting. A wonderful way to surprise your soul mate with something interesting and new. The recipe with full instructions is in the link right below.

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Cordial Cherry Cake Balls


These cherry cake balls are a simple but very cute way to show you love on this magical day that we all anxiously wait for whole year. They are very ease to make at your home. so come on and have a taste of them with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

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Red Velvet Icebox Cakes


Little hearts, simply, they are everywhere around us these days when we are all eagerly waiting for this special holiday. These little hearts are fitting perfectly on the top of the red velvet icebox cakes. Take a break and make some of these romantic cakes and show your love in a really original way!

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Heart Shaped Funnel Cakes


A dessert is a real gift for this holiday that celebrates love and love is one the fewest magical things in our world. We always have to find time and make something amazing for our love. This time try and make the heart shaped funnel cakes and have a great night!

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Valentine’s Day Cake Balls


And in the end of the magical list of Valentine’s day desserts, we offer you one of the best recipes in the whole article, the sweet and tempting cake balls that are painted in the colors of love, with little cute hearts all over them. Enjoy and celebrate love more then the year before!

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