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Top 10 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials

Buying a gift, planning a dinner, and choosing the perfect outfit is one of those activities that are on your mind all the time. But, there is one very important thing that must be on the schedule – deciding on your makeup.

Romantic eyes are the most appropriate and the safest option of all. Here is a list of Top 10 Romantic Eye Makeup Tutorials! Scroll down, pick one of these ideas and celebrate the day of love in the best way you can!

Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial


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This romantic makeup look is very natural that requires eight steps. First, start by applying white or light cream shadow on the inner corner of your eyes; then golden coral shadow above the crease area. For darkening the crease area use hazelnut brown shadow and blend the three colors. Line your upper lash line with a chocolate brown shadow defining the outer corner mainly, the same shadow applies on the lower lash line. For a more dramatic look use black shadow as an eyeliner and finish it with coats of mascara.

Romantic Shimmer Makeup Tutorial


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Romantic and shimmery? Of course, we got you covered. The shimmery effect is indeed very romantic. To achieve this makeup look, you will need to start by applying the base light brown shadow on the entire eyelid. After, use mauve shadow for the bottom half of the lid and dark brown for the lower lash line. To create the shimmery look, apply golden shimmery shadow starting from the inner corner to above the crease area. Finish with beige shadow under the brow area, black pencil for your waterline, and few coats of black mascara.

The Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial


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If you are getting ready for a romantic date night, this is the right makeup for you. The smokey eye look is best for evening occasions or festive seasons. This tutorial begins with using a brown pencil for lining the upper lid and hazelnut brown, a charcoal shade, and black eyeshadow to create a smokey look. White shadow for the inner corners, black eyeliner to deepen the look and few coats of mascara to finish with. Combine this look with a little black dress.

Romantic Rose Makeup Tutorial


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This romantic makeup tutorial brings romance and elegance to your eyes throughout the pink rose shades. At first, start with a mango tango shadow on the crease area and a raspberry shadow on the outer corner of the eye. Deepen the outer third of the eyelid with a darker pink shadow, shimmery gold for the center of your eyelid, and white to beige shadow for the inner corner of the eye. Finish this cute makeup look with coats of mascara or false lashes.

Date-Night Makeup Tutorial


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Sophisticated eye makeup perfect for a date night. Combining shades of brown adds elegance to the overall look. Your eyes will look natural but still with a dose of attraction. Start this look by applying a warm matte brown shadow on the entire eyelid and crease area, then pat the shimmery bronze shadow on top of the lid and blend with the edges of the crease. Repeat the same procedure on the lower lash line. With a black shadow line the upper lash line like an eyeliner. Finish this gorgeous look with a shimmery rose shadow on the center and inner corner of your eyes and black mascara.

Capture Hearts Makeup Tutorial


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Why not add a bit of color to your eyes on your romantic date!? It is certainly different as long as it’s not overdone. Simple four steps to complete this look and you can use any colors you please or match your outfit for the night. This tutorial uses bronze eye shadow for the entire upper eyelid and lilac cream shadow for the entire lower lash line. The third step is applying black eyeliner creating a winged line, then finishing with black mascara for the upper lashes only. Super simple yet beautiful.

The Pillow Talk Makeup Look


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Create this pillow talk makeup look by using dreamy nude pink hues for your eyes. This kind of makeup look goes especially well on green eyes. It will make them stand out and add sparkle to your eyes. Start by applying the lightest pink shadow on the eyelid, and sweet berry tones for the outer corner of the eye. Then add the shimmery rose pink shadow for the center of your lid and lower lash line. Add black eyeliner and mascara at the end.

Simple Glam Eye Tutorial


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If you are also fixing the eyebrows, start with them first as this makeup tutorial does. Then time to focus on the eyes. The simplicity of this makeup is what makes it look romantic. For the eyelid and the lower lash line use a matte highlight. Make your eyes pop, using shimmery highlight to the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. Then the most important step in this look, the eyeliner. Carefully create a cat-eye line, winged at the end, and finish with black mascara.

Seductive Mod Look


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Mod makeup is actually a modern iconic look, now considered retro.  Dated or not, this makeup look has huge popularity on the runways and in a lot of fashion makeup artists. This 60’s look is a combination of cat eyeliner, a cut crease shadow, as well as accentuating the eyelid and the lashes too. For this look use brown eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, white pencil for the waterline, and do not forget the mascara.

Sexy Standout Eye Tutorial


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This sexy look that stands out is created with five makeup products only. The first product to apply is the nude shimmer eyeshadow on the eyelid. Then use a gunmetal shadow focusing on the upper and bottom lashline. Dust a black shadow along your lash line to the outer corner, creating depth in your eyes. Apply thin line with black eyeliner and add mascara at the end.

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