Pasta and seafood are always great together. Any kind of seafood matches perfectly with any kind of pasta. They are perfect for each other. There many ways to mix prawns, shrimps, salmon, clams, fish, and any kind of seafood with pasta. You can cook them creamy or with only with vegetables, everything depends from your taste, or the taste of those who you’re cooking for. This is a perfect way to try something  intriguingly and leave the ordinary recipes aside. I have made a fantastic list of top 10 seafood with pasta ideas only for you. Try and cook these recipes in  your home and you will not regret!

Louisiana Crawfish Pasta

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Lemon Seafood with Pasta

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Angel-Hair Pasta with Prawns, Tomatoes and Basil

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Clam Pasta

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Seafood Lasagna

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Creamy Salmon Pasta

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Linguine with Red Clam Sauce

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Creamy Saffron and Seafood Fettuccine

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Sea Urchin Pasta with Bottarga

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Creamy Seafood Pasta

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