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TOP 10 Signs that you have been to South East Asia

While you are on holiday it is inevitable to pick up some local habits even after a short period of time. You start eating local food, hanging out with locals and after a while you embrace their culture. It happens naturally depending on how you spend your time.

South East Asia is a beautiful part of the world including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines. These countries are very popular backpacker destinations also as life is in general cheap and it is easy to get around by bus. These countries are one of the safest destinations with their friendly and peaceful locals. Even women travelers feel comfortable alone.

The region has so much to offer pristine beaches, fascinating culture, diverse ethnic groups and amazing cuisine. Visiting any of these countries will leave you with great feelings , very unique and exciting experiences. And for sure, it will change your habits for a while.

1. Left hand, right hand


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In most Asian countries the left hand is considered to be unclean as it is used for “other” duties in the bathroom. After spending some weeks not using your left hand for eating and handing something to someone will feel strange to do it when you are back home.

2. Flipflops


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Before entering to someones home you automatically take off your shoes. In Asia people take off shoes before entering temples, people’s homes and even in some shops it is requested to leave your shoes outside.

3. Restaurant prices


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You keep looking at the prices back home wondering why everything is so expensive and feel disappointed that you don’t find your favourite 3USD meals. Well, you are no longer in South East Asia.

4. Bargaining


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It feels weird that you do not have to bargain for everything from a bar of chocolate to a kilo tomatoes. In fact it is a relief to go to the gorceries back home and read the prices on the items.

5. Traffic


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Busy streets do not scare you anymore after the chaotic traffic in any bigger Asian towns. Motorbikes, tuktuks, cars, pedestrians share the busy roads there. Careful not to walk out into oncoming traffic once you get home. And what a great thing to walk on the sidewalks again!

6. Chopsticks


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Eating with chopstick is the most natural thing ever. You can eat anything with chopsticks, be it soup or slippery noodles even tiny little sprouts are not a challenge anymore.

7. Same, same but different!


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Never heard it before and it does not even make sense. And yet, you keep hearing everyone repeating that sentence Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and so on. After some time it will all fall into place and you will get the essence of this sentence.

8. Sugarcane juice


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Sugarcane juice is the most refreshing, delicious drink in these hot Asian countries. You can buy it on the street from the vendors, sometimes it comes in a simple plastic bag with a straw. You wonder why is it nowhere to find back home. Perhaps it is the next one after the coconut juice to come in bottles.

9. Rice for breakfast


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Rice for breakfast? With coffee? Well yes, it does sound strange but wait until you go there and find it out yourself. It is delicious and fills you for the rest of the day.

10. Massage


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Massage every day, anywhere you go on the beach, on the streets. It is available and more than affordable in South East Asian countries. It has become your daily routine and you wonder why it is not like that everywhere. Everyone deserves a little happiness, right?

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