Whether you are totally over your old shower curtain or you’ve just finished renovating your bathroom and can’t find a perfect matching curtain, these Top 10 Simple DIY Shower Curtains will make your day! They are all insanely easy to make and very effective too. You can change the design and color according to your interior design and get a remarkable shower curtain that goes perfectly well with everything else in your bathroom. Take a look at the projects we’ve chosen….

Worlds sexiest shower curtain

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DIY Shower Curtain From Leftovers

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Shower Curtain, DIY Style

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DIY Anthropologie Flamenco Shower Curtain in Sunshine

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Ikea duvet Shower Curtain

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DIY beaded shower curtain

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DIY Gold Polka Dotted Shower Curtain

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Paper Doily Shower Curtain

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DIY Shower Curtain Tutorial

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Italian lessons on a shower curtain

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