This post is dedicated for the ones that want to satisfy their little ballerinas! We have an amazing idea for you. Instead of buying expensive tutus and ballet dresses, we give you this 10 alternative ways to make one by yourself! There are super easy to make and are so amazingly cute, that you just can’t resist.
Every little girl dreams of becoming a ballerina, so no matter if they are going to ballet classes, want to dress like one for some costume party or just want to wear it for fun, this tutorials will help you a lot. Make your little girls happy, it’s time to begin the DIY projects!
We hope that you enjoy, and don’t forget to share the results with us, good luck!

Colorful Ribbon Tutu



The multiple color dress is always a good idea! You can achieve this dress by getting a different colored ribbons, wrap each of then and then attach them to one wider elastic and secure them. With a little adjusting your dress will be finished.

Pompom Tutu



This is the pompom tutu, one of our favorites in this post! It is just perfect in every way, there is no child that can resist this one. Find out how to make it and make your ballerina dance from happiness!

Ballet Tutu



Dark pink one, with a beautiful bow on. For this one you will be needing a one colored tulle and a same color ribbon for the bow. The results will be amazing, be sure of that!

Love Bug Tutu



If you want to make your lovedĀ  one look like a little red love bug, here is the great way to do it. With a red tulle, black ribbon and your skills ou will create this amazing tutu. Find out exactly how on the tutorial.

Simple and Pretty Non-Sew Tutu


Girls love pink! So you can never go wrong if you choose that color for your petite ballerina. At the pictorial above you can see how simple it is to create that tulle tutu. See the steps in details and start your work.

Flower Tutu Dress



If you want to go with a little different color, you can always use blue, or navy, as the one above. You can spice the dress with a flower. Follow the steps of this amazing tutorial and surprise your little one.

Easy and Cheep Tutu



If you want to make a tutu that besides looks good, is super easy, it will also be a budget-friendly for you? Well, this is the one. Open the link and find out more about it.

Scrappy Tutu



We think that this is one of the easiest that you will find here. It is perfect for house tutu, if your little one wants to wear unique little dress, just find different pieces of fabrics with prints, colors and forms, and put them together just like they do it in the tutorial.

No-Sew Glitter Pink Tutu



Another pink tutu, but with a different technique of making, the thing that makes this tutu so special is that you can tie it and adjust it to fit her perfectly, and can wear it few years in a row, because it can never get tight or small.

Cute and Simple Tutu



The last for this post is this cute baby pink tutu for your little beauty. Like the others, this one is linked with the tutorial that is so easy to follow. We hope that we helped you to choose the one that you want, and you learned a new things about the tutus.