Well, well, well! The summer is coming and all we are thinking about is to be in shape for the new bikinis and dresses. Food with low calories, a lot of exercising and running and everything that goes in a package for a great looking body. But, sometimes we really deserve to sweeten our souls and just relax. Instead of having a chocolate cake and than be worried about how many calories we put, there are some delicious and weight friendly desserts that you can enjoy without any doubt later. Include fruits as much as you can! So, here you will find top 10 easy ways to satisfy your needs with delicious and wonderful skinny summer desserts. Good news guys!

Frozen Yogurt

One of the most famous summer desserts and a must try. If you feel really hot and you need a good and sweet refreshment, frozen yogurt with any fruits you like it is just a perfect choice.


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So delicious, so sweet and so Italian! Sorbet is a perfect way if you want something sweet after a long dinner with your friends. It is low in calories, so don’t worry about it.


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Ice Cream

You grow up with the Ice Cream. There is no person who doesn’t like a good and a big ice cream in hot summer days. No matter what flavor you like the most, you can’t go wrong.


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Fruit Salad

The healthiest choice definitely. You can put as much fruits as you want and the salad will still be low in calories. You can add some cream on top for more sweetness!


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Rice Pudding

Oh, you really need to try this dessert to see what real love is. So delicious, it will just make you addicted to it. With some cinnamon on top, the rice puddings are wonderful!


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Fruit Compote

Different fruits cooked in water can be a perfect dessert to impress your friends. You can also use it as a delicious fruity sauce on top of the ice cream or yogurt.


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Baked Apples

One apple a day, leaves a doctor away. True. But, let’s make it more funnier. Baked apples with cinnamon? We don’t need to talk about it anymore. We hope you love them as much as we do!


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Definitely the favorite dessert of our grandmothers, right? But, let’s be honest, they are always right about everything, don’t you agree? Marmalade can be a perfect start of the day. So sweet breakfast for a sweet day!


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Pear Crumble

So sweet, so crunchy, so must try! Pears, hazel nuts and ice cream together? Totally good combination! But, guys, don’t get use to it. We mean, once in two weeks is just fine.


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Strawberries And Ricotta

Well, our favorite with no doubt. Strawberries and ricotta cheese? If you never had a chance to try this amazing and delicious dessert, well don’t waste your time and go make one!


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