Do you want fuller, thicker eyelashes, without buying any falsies? If you think that you are the only one born with not-so-amazing eyelashes, you are definitely wrong! Everyone can have perfect lashes with a little help of make up and some other skills.
You should know what the mascara is the finish of the eye make-up, so you should pay special attention to that.
Here you will find amazing tips and tricks that will make it a lot easier for you, and take your mascara routine on another fun level.
So if you try this useful tips we promise you won’t regret! Do you have some lash tips that we maybe missed? Let us know!

Put Olive Oil on The Lashes Before Going to Bed

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Brush The Lashes Before Using Mascara

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Learn to Curl Them With a Spoon

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Use White Primer

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Use Different Types of Mascara

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Apply With Zig-Zag Motions

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Use Card For Tidy Application

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DIY Fake Lashes

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Color The Upper Waterline

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After Mascara Has Dried, Gentle Lift The Lashes With Your Fingers for Gorgeous Finish

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