If you are in a rush every morning, and you don’t have time for the casual morning beauty routine, we have 10 helpful tips that can save you a lot of your precious time, so you can sleep some extra minutes, or just finally get on time to your destination.
Want to speed up the makeup, the hair styling or the cleanse? Here are the greatest tricks that you can use when you are running really late, we all have had times like that, don’t we?! We hope this tips and tricks will help you minimize your beauty routine, and get ready in no-time flat. Have this things in mind, and good luck with your speed up!
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Twirl Hair Into Bun Before You Go to Sleep, and Release in the Morning


Tutorial via gomakeme.com

Skip Morning Cleanse, Spray the Face With Water


Tutorial via bellasugar.com

 Detangle Your Hair in the Shower


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Instead of Using Three Products, Find One That Moisturize, Protect and Conceal Your Face


No Time For Cucumbers? To Avoid Puffy Eyes, Steer Clear of Super-Salty Foods Like Potato Chips and French Fries


Tutorial via spayadira.com

 Blow Dry Your Face on Cool to Dry Your Moisturizer Faster


Tutorial via thebloomincouch.blogspot.com

Separate Your Day and Night Makeup in Two Bags to Save Time in the Morning


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If You Don’t Have Time for Washing Your Hair, Wash and Rinse Your Bangs in the Sink, and Blow-Dry After


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To Avoid Clogging of Mascara, Roll the Brush an a Tissue Before Applying


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 Skip the Toner, and Use Cleanser That Has Salicylic Acid Instead


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