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Top 10 Smart Tips for Shaving Armpits

Shaving is one of the most efficient ways to remove hair from your body. Whether you use an electric shaver or a razor, it should be done a few times a week, to keep the stubble from returning.

Shaving your armpits requires a bit more effort than other parts of your body. It can be difficult to achieve a smooth shave under your arms because the hair tends to grow in different directions and you need to accommodate your natural curves anatomy. We put together this guide to ensure you’re smartly shaving your underarms. Follow these tips which will help you to lower the risk of pain and irritation.

Always Exfoliate First

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Like any other areas from which you are trying to remove the hair, it is necessary to be exfoliated once or twice a week. Regular exfoliating with the right tools prevents ingrowing hair, folliculitis, and discoloration. Otherwise, if you do not exfoliate your armpits the dead skin cells can accumulate, which can lead to bacterial increase, and the shaving might be very painful. You should exfoliate your skin regardless if you are shaving or waxing, cause the process also removes a layer of deodorant that does not go away with washing only.

The Area Should Be Wet, And You Should Always Use A Shave Gel

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Underarms we all have a very sensitive skin area. Although it might seem to be easy and quick to shave underarms, wetting the areas first then applying shaving gel is crucial. This will help moist your skin, and the razor will smoothly remove the softened hair with a few strokes. Shaving with gel or soap will also prevent the odor associated with sweat, clean the surface underarms, and prevents it from skin irritations. Shaving without gel or soap can inflame your skin and cause razor cuts that can be very painful.

Discard Shaving Blades After Four Or Five Uses

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To minimize the spread of bacteria and skin irritation best to discards the razor blades after 4 to 5 uses. This also depends on what type of razor you use. Using a razor that needs new blades especially on irritated and sensitive skin can be very bad. Sometimes, there might be a cut that you can’t see or feel it but it is there, therefore shaving on that spot with old razor blades is not a good idea. Another important note is to have a razor designated for each area of your body.

Shave At Night When Possible

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Shaving first tie in the morning is not the best thing. The fluid under your skin is at a minimum before bed thus is better to shave at night. Also if you need to attend an event, try to shave the day or night before, since you do not want to rush and have a few nicks. Shaving in advance gives your skin time to recover from razor burns, bumps, nicks, or other irritation that might occur while shaving.

Use A Razor With A Pivoting Head And Multiple Blades

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The razors with the pivoting head are designed to make shaving easier and improve the overall experience by allowing the blade to run through your skin with less effort. The pivoting head is beneficial yet very efficient. Shaving is quicker and you do not have to pay extra attention to the angle you hold the razor due to its pivoting head that moves smoothly. Additionally, the razors with multiple blades get the closest shave having the first blade pulling the hair taught, and the next blades cut the hair below the skin’s surface.

Shave In The Right Direction

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Shaving underarms is near a nightmare. It seems like you have to do it every day to maintain the area smooth and neat. It just simply grows super fast. This also can be due to the hair underarms grow in different directions. Therefore, it is essential to use the right razor and have it moved in all directions, up, down, and sideways. Important note: don’t forget to rinse the razor and the area once completed to prevent skin irritations.

Rinse Razor After Each Stroke

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Not only will prevent you from skin irritations, razor burns, and bumps, rinsing the razor after each stroke will also prolong the lifespan of your blades. The more often you rinse it, the smoother the shave it will be. Or else, you tend to get clogged hair in between the blades. This will leave you with a blocked razor with which you will be forced to repeat and pressure the same area all over again while shaving. So, be rinsing your razor blades to keep them cleaner and sharper.

Start Shaving At The End Of Your Shower

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When you shower with warm water naturally your skin relaxes, softens, and the pores open up. This is why you should leave the shaving for the end of your shower. The whole experience will be more satisfying, much easier, and indeed gentle. In this manner, you get to clean and wash away the dead skin that accumulated on the skin surface first and after you get rid of the unwanted hair under your arms.

Use Loofah After Shaving To Avoid Ingrown Hair

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Loofah is mainly used to exfoliate the skin, and exfoliating helps and prevents you from ingrown hair. Loofah, or also known as sponge gourd, is a deep green fruit that resembles a cucumber. Used as a sponge that scrubs the layer of dead skin cells gently without disrupting the healthy and younger cells that are underneath. A natural plant that prevents you from ingrown hair.

Wait Half An Hour Or More Before Applying Deodorant

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Have you found yourself in a situation where you sprayed or applied a deodorant right after you shaved and went out of the shower? And surely you end up wanting to scream from discomfort. Well, this is due to your skin being still irritated and very sensitive from the shave. Leave your skin to relax and breathe for a while before you apply deodorant. Once you applied wait for the deodorant to dry before getting dressed.

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