We all know the southwestern style of cooking, we all know that it’s delicious, spicy and hot. There are many of us who love the southwestern cuisine, so today’s article will be about southwestern recipes with chicken. Only a little part from the fantastic southwest world, but, enough for starters. Here is our list of top 10 best southwestern chicken recipes especially for you to try and make some at your own kitchen, because they are tasty and they are easy to make, even for the real beginners. So, don’t be afraid and start cooking right away, we are sure that everyone at your home will be delighted!

Southwestern Chicken Casserole


We are starting with the southwestern chicken casserole specialty. A very simple, but super-delicious recipe that everyone will love, that’s for sure, so, take a quick look at the full recipe on the link below!

Recipe via favfamilyrecipes.com

Southwestern Grilled Chicken Jalapeno Popper Salad


A really spicy recipe for a chicken salad and we are sure that you all will be tempted by the whole idea. The southwestern grilled chicken jalapeno popper salad is a really refreshing choice for a meal.

Recipe via closetcooking.com

Southwestern Cheddar Chicken Pasta


Fantastic southwest pasta idea that will make everybody satisfied, that’s a fact. The  southwestern cheddar chicken pasta recipe is the real deal for any part of the day, for launch or dinner. Enjoy!

Recipe via bettycrocker.com

Tortilla-Crusted Chicken Tenders with Southwestern Dipping Sauce


Tortilla-crusted chicken tenders with southwestern dipping sauce, sounds really interesting, isn’t it? Take a look at the full recipe in the link below and start cooking it right away, you will not regret it.

Recipe and Photo magazine.foxnews.com

Easy Chicken Quesadillas


We all know the famous quesadillas, and many of us love them too. So, try the easy chicken quesadillas recipe that you can find right here and satisfy everyone around you in southwestern style.

Recipe via spoonful.com

Dude Ranch Chicken


A wonderful idea for a southwest style casserole. The dude ranch chicken recipe is the real specialty for a total escape from the ordinary foods and to surprise your loved ones in a positive way.

Recipe via ro-tel.com

Southwestern Chicken Panini


We have arrived to the easiest recipe of all from this amazing list of ours, but that don’t mean that it’s less tasty than the other ideas. You have to try the southwestern chicken panini and we are sure that it will become your everyday meal, your favorite one.

Recipe via yumwow.com

Crispy Southwestern Quinoa and Chick’n Burritos


Crispy Southwestern Quinoa and Chick’n Burritos…they look very tasty on the picture above, don’t they? Take a look at the full recipe and start cooking right away by following the instructions step by step.

Recipe via cookingquinoa.net

Southwestern Cheesy Chicken Egg Rolls


An interesting choice for everyone who likes egg rolls. And the southwestern flavor that we have in these egg rolls will make everyone to crave for more. So, check out the recipe with full instructions in the link below.

Recipe via kitchme.com

Southwestern Chicken Pizza


And as you know, we are saving the best for the very end of our exquisite list. The southwestern chicken pizza recipe is the best way to end our article, we think that everyone can agree with that. We are sure that you will like our top 10 list of southwestern chicken ideas and we will stay in touch in the future. Enjoy in the spicy and hot flavor!

Recipe via crumbsandchaos.net