A mouthful of the ocean, years ago the oyster was considered a humble snack as they grew in abundance around the harbours. Now oysters have become associated with champagne, extravagance, wealth and romance. Often oysters are served raw on the half shell with a little mignonette sauce, but we have also collected some great healthy oyster recipes, which lightened-up versions of the classic oyster dishes and good source of zinc, which supports the immune system. Try some of them at a dinner party, or just as part of a romantic dinner for your loved one.

Smoked Oyster Pasta

splendid-oyster-recipes_01Recipe via dentistvschef.wordpress.com

Seasoned Crackers

splendid-oyster-recipes_02Recipe via veronicascornucopia.com

Bacon and Mushroom Stew

splendid-oyster-recipes_03Recipe via justapinch.com

Fried Oysters

splendid-oyster-recipes_04Recipe via cutepigblog.com

Oyster Salad and Baked Oysters

splendid-oyster-recipes_05Recipe via cutepigblog.com

 Oyster Motoyaki

splendid-oyster-recipes_06Recipe via chowtimes.com

Oyster Cakes

splendid-oyster-recipes_07Recipe via chinesechicken.net

West African Smoky Hot Oyster Bites

splendid-oyster-recipes_8Recipe via foodasalens.com

Deep-Fried Oyster Salad

splendid-oyster-recipes_09Recipe via recipesfortom.blogspot.com

Oysters Rockefeller

splendid-oyster-recipes_10Recipe via saveur.com