The recipe for making an Italian pizza is well-known around the whole world and we firmly believe that there is nobody on the planet Earth that hasn’t tried pizza at least one time. There are too many different kinds of recipes for making a pizza and it’s a really tough task for every one of us to choose only one. So, we have tried to make an amazing article with a list of top 10 best pizza recipes exactly for the season that we all have been waiting, spring. We are hoping that you will love our incredible collection and that you will try to make some of these light, but, super-taste pizzas, because they are healthier than any others, that’s a fact. Take a quick look at the ideas that we are offering to you and you will be tempted by them right away!

Green Veggie Pizza

For starters we have the classic green veggies pizza recipe, which a very healthy option by the way. Try to make it, it’s easy, believe us, you just have to follow the instructions step by step.



Gluten-Free Pizza with Lamb Ham, Kale and Chard

We have the gluten-free pizza with lamb ham, kale and chard idea on the second place. You may think that it’s something that we are offering only to the diabetics, but, we are 100% sure it will be a great meal for anybody else.



Pizza with Arugula and Fresh Asparagus

Here is one of the simplest, but, very interesting recipe for a pizza made with the two vegetables that are synonyms for spring. The pizza with arugula and fresh asparagus pizza is something that you must try some day.



Potato, Spring Onion & Zucchini Pizza

One of the best ideas on our top 10 list, we are offering the super-delicious potato, spring onion & zucchini pizza recipe here, so, take a quick look at the full recipe and start with cooking right away.



Spring Vegetable Pizzas

A pizza with all the spring vegetables on it, sounds really tasty, isn’t it? You can put some chicken or thinly sliced prosciutto, it’s your own choice, depends only from your taste.



Breakfast Pizza

We had to put the breakfast pizza recipe on our fantastic list of top 10 best spring pizzas, because it’s a really temping meal for everyone who wants to be ready for a real start of the day!



Pizza Spring Rolls

The pepperoni pizza spring egg roll is an incredible recipe that will surprise everyone around you in a positive way. You can make these pizza rolls for any meal you want, so, hurry up and take a look at the recipe that you can find in the link below.



Bonchon Kimchi Pizza

As we are nearing the end of our countdown, it’s getting more interesting, that’s for sure. The bonchon kimchi pizza is an unordinary recipe for the most of us, so, try and make it sometimes, you will not regret it.



Spring Vegetable Polenta Pizza

Something very amusing that will draw your attention immediately, we are 100% sure of that. The spring vegetable polenta pizza is the one recipe that will make everybody on the dinner table crave for more.



Pesto Pizza

And in the very end we have an amazing recipe for pizza that will blow your mind! The pesto pizza idea is full of different kinds of ingredients, simply the richest with various flavors that will satisfy literally every taste. And if you want, you can tell us which spring pizza is your number one, we are curious about these kinds of things, like always.