Top 10 Spring/Summer Trends To Get Inspired From

This is definitely the year when minimalism will stay at the side and wait for some other days. Spring / Summer runways all brought something extraordinary, distinct and unique. The best designers have showed us the eye-catching and emerging micro trends that you are definitely going to love. Would you like to take your underwear out on the streets? Well, this year you are allowed to. From Spanish ruffles and luxurious slip dresses to vivid colors, here you can get inspiration from the most popular trends for spring/summer 2016 and start upgrading your wardrobe. It is absolutely a year of maximalism and there are no longer any rules in fashion!

1.Spanish Ruffles



This year, designers were inspired by Spanish culture and ruffles became a key detail trend. Dramatic and beautiful, they come in many shapes and sizes and make sure you find out it perfectly works for you. We recommend something that comes in red!

2. Vivid Color



What can be more summerish than all happy rainbow colors in your wardrobe? The colorful dresses and details will perfectly work for parties on warmer days. Feel free to experiment because there are no color rules anymore!

3. Slip Dresses



Well, this year you can absolutely wear your favorite slip dress out! With underwear as outerwear you will totally be trendy and pretty sexy too! There are many options to complete your look, from wearing heels to wearing boots, sexiness is guaranteed.

4. Stripes



From Paris to New York, many designers showed some kind of bold, irregular and unconventional stripes. From casual T-Shirts to amazing cocktail dresses, go for contrasting hues to get this trendy summer look.

5. Graphic bags



When it comes to your handbag, this year you should go for graphic style, in any size! It is all about being fashion-forward, beautiful and confident in your own style. Colorful graphics never looked so good as this year! Just choose your favorite colors and be ready to rock this spring / summer.

6. Mirror Details



Shimmering silver details are one of the biggest trends from 2016 runways. From shoes to dresses, high shine fabrics will be your favorite this year. If you want to get the future-perfect look, go and find your favorite pieces and light up the dance floor this summer!

7. More Is More



If you ever wondered what to do with all the jewelry you have in your accessory box, now is the time to put on you as much as you can before go to a party! Since more is absolutely more this season, feel free to experiment and be unique this summer!

8. The ’90s



When it comes to “back in time” fashion, this year’s best designers felt pretty nostalgic and the ‘90s were the biggest story on the runways. From low slung pants to crop tops, ’90s are making such a strong comeback this spring / summer!

9. Oversized Chains



The bigger the better! The oversized chains made their way onto the catwalk in all fashion cities. Wearing a choker chain will add a touch of futuristic sophistication to your outfit this spring / summer. A powerful chain is absolutely a big deal for this season.

10. Extremely Long Earrings



Super long earrings will be your favorite piece of jewelry this summer. You can mix and match whatever you already have, or just update your jewelry box with some fresh and new shoulder-grazing lengths and get the best effect.

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