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Top 10 Stunning Photos Of Gorgeous Red Haired Women

Given the fact that only 2-6% of the human population has naturally red hair, there is certainly something very fascinating about red-haired women. Their alabaster skin, constellations of freckles, combustible temperaments, and irresistible sexiness…

These are things that can bring even the toughest man down on his knees. If you don’t agree, take a look at these stunning photos of beautiful red-haired women and try not to get burned by the fire they arouse!

Attraction Red Strawberry Blond


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The red hair ladies are only 2-6 percent of the world’s total population would you believe. And no, they are not declining. So fear not, red hades are not going away! They are in fact rising ever so slightly! The DNA is going strong and will increase as time passes. And good for us! It is not only about the blond or the brunette but also, the world has a place for every shape and color. The attraction of a red hair lady can be a powerful one indeed, and in this picture, we believe it illustrates just that.

Classy Look


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One of the most famous, red-haired beauty of a woman, television ever shared with us. Marcia Cross is famous for her roles in the TV hit shows, Melrose Place in the 90s, and Desperate Housewives. At now 59 years old would you believe, she is still a beauty icon for the redheads! After all, having red as her natural hair color means only one thing, it goes grey well in people’s 60’s plus. So, we won’t see any on Marcia anytime soon. For those with red hair, you are lucky! For the rest of us, Loreal it is! And possibly so in strawberry blond too!



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Some like the freckles and some might not. Either way, we believe that all can see the beauty in this photograph whether you are voting for red hair women or not. Gorgeous shot of a gorgeous woman with very light makeup, accentuating her natural self and skin complexion. Maybe not so perfect to hit the beach without a gallon of sun cream by your side, but for any other occasion the red hair beasts most. To top it off, we have blue to green eyes to contrast the hair adding even more purity to her beauty.



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Her eyes alone would be like looking into the most turquoise of seas anywhere on earth. And the fiery hair adds to the drama of her overall look. And if you look closely, you will see a young woman with braces that manage to even pull this element of. This is how much we can get distracted from her overall pure beauty. A very seductive photograph insinuating perhaps, for one to join her to have a lie down next to her, what seems, nude self. Very seductive indeed – a simply beautiful woman.



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A little blush element on her cheeks accentuating her skin and hair color complexion. And it is done just so with a great taste without overdoing it. Keeping her natural beauty shining through. We can almost feel an innocence coming out of her, almost saying that she isn’t even sure about herself on just how attractive she really is. Simple yet brilliantly taken photograph telling us her entire story without any of the fussy glamorous dress or makeup or lose clothing, just a natural shot in nature exposing class.

Flower Girl


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A pink kinda girl with the brightest of lips to really show off her red complexion. And she clearly does not mind that she wears her hair with such pride it is mesmerizing. Whereas some women wish to forever dye their hair in so many colors not suiting her original, this makes these red hair ladies tell us all, be proud of who you are, and wear your DNA the way it was intended. Ok, a little makeup never hurt anyone before. So, flower power it is that hair girl! We need more red superpowers in the world of cinematography!

Purity Of Joy


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Anyone on the planet and we mean everyone from every shape to colors to religions and of course, to hair color in this instant looks absolutely fabulous. It makes the world smile from a few moments old to very mature, old age. It is infatuating really. And this photograph of such a fab-looking girl is just so. Big natural wavy curls, big smile with beautiful white teeth and eyes good enough to get lost into. Gorgeous lady showcasing what the reds head to better than most.

Take A Closer Look


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You are who you are, and how more powerful but to show the world how you were intended to look, showcasing your pure beauty. We believe that unfortunate young women are far too influenced by what a woman should look like based on zero facts at all. From the way she dresses, her hair, facial construction, makeup, to how lips should be like or even eye shapes…in all, crazy stuff really. So when we see thousands of freckles being worn with pride and amazingness, we want to say thank you. Naturally, make an effort, we are certain this lady did not wake up like this. But if you have unique traits, use them. Stand pride, break the mold and look different to the 99% of women out there all looking rather the same.



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Can this be one of the most beautiful shots taken? It could have been instrumented in Autumn, where the colors really glamorize red hair women the most. Imagine having a season just for you. This means that 2-6 percent of the population, meaning tens of millions throughout the world are lucky enough. It’s like for three months mother nature said: you shall have the same hair color as the most dramatic season of them all. It is a shot taken recently but feels as if it has been taken in the 60s.



Photo by Garret Meyers

The great shot of simple nature made it look fantastic thanks to a lovely-looking red hair model. Simple white dress, black leather jacket all offset by her beautiful hair. Does red hair make the least efforts making the biggest impact? What are your thoughts? Almost no makeup at all… So, when passing a river crossing a bridge, keep an eye out you never know what you may find!

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