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Top 10 Stylish Succulents for Your Home Garden

Low-maintenance plants are becoming more and more popular with time, mostly due to their busy lives. This is why succulents are one of the most wanted plants at the moment.  They are not only easy to care for but are also suitable for growing in containers and are stylish and cool to look at. You can use them in border areas of flower beds, stone, and wall beds.

We believe that this is just the start of the era of sedums and succulents – with the climate changes and busy lifestyle, gardeners will turn more and more to low-care, drought-tough plants. Knowing all of these facts, you are surely considering adding these little beauties to your home garden.

Choose one of these 10 stylish succulents we suggest today as they are all low-maintenance, stylish, and simply gorgeous.

1. Golden Sedum



Sedum Adolphi or most commonly known as golden sedum, will make a great addition to your garden. What makes this variety special and one of the best to grow in your home or garden is that they change color.

They will turn brighter orange when exposed to the sun, which is why they are perfect to plant along with blue and silver-colored flowers. The star-shaped flowers will add charm to any garden. Not to mention they are low maintenance and drought tolerant.

2. Hen and Chicks



Echeveria Geranium or Hen and Chicks is a classic succulent that is most commonly present in almost every home and garden. They of the Sempervivum group of succulent plants and are commonly called houseleeks. Hen and chicks grow well indoors and out in both cool or hot temperatures. They got the name because of the rosette shape and their ability to produce plenty of ‘babies.’ What makes them one of the most popular succulents is their ability to thrive on ANY condition, which means that even poor soil and a tiny container is enough to grow them. They don’t need fertilizer and require very little water.

3. Aloe Vera



Did you know that there are more than 250 species of aloe vera? However, Aloe barbadensis is considered to be the real aloe vera. This is because Aloe barbadensis has medicinal benefits like healing burns, for instance. Aloe vera can be grown both outside and inside. Just make sure you place them in full sun. As with any succulent, watering should be minimal during winter, while in summer, you should soak the soil then let it dry before watering it again. We recommend choosing a wide pot instead of a deep one when replanting because of its shallow roots. Aloe vera plants are easily propagated. Just remove the offsets produced around the base of mature plants when they are a couple of inches tall.

4. Burro’s Tail


photo by dionysia via flickr

Sedum morganianum or popularly called Burro’s tail, is a beautiful blue colored delicate succulent. When it blooms, tiny little red flowers appear. All you need to know if you want to grow this beautiful succulent is that it needs gritty soil, good drainage, sunshine, and protection from extremely cold temperatures. This means you can grow it both indoors and in your garden. The only downfall is its delicacy – the leaves will fall off at the slightest touch. The good thing is that you can use the fallen leaves to propagate new plants.

5.  Zebra haworthia



You will easily fall in love with this beautiful succulent, also known as Haworthia attenuate, and what’s not to love? Its beautifully patterned leaves with a leathery surface, the small, simple white flowers it produces, the fact that it is one of the easiest plants to grow – all these make haworthia a favorite plant. This succulent has only two enemies – frost and excess water. If you live in a colder climate, keep it inside, at least during the winter.

6. Lady Aquarius



Echeverias are among the most popular succulents, and lady Aquarius is surely the favorite among them. Lasy Aquarius looks like a ruffly underwater sea anemone forming a loose, 8” rosette. You can grow this beautiful succulent even if you are a beginner gardener as it is tough and resilient. To keep your plant happy and healthy, place it in full sun and provide good drainage.

7. Jade Plant



Crassula ovata, commonly known as a jade plant or jade tree, is one of the most popular succulents, especially as a house plant. Just like any other succulent, they prefer strong, light, and well-draining soil. They can tolerate low light and require very little watering. It is very easy to propagate them by simply rooting a cutting of the stem or leaves. Jade plants’ leaves are rubbery to the touch and quite flexible. If grown in strong light, they will get a beautiful red margin.

8. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana



Kalanchoe is a succulent praised for its beautiful flowers, and blossfeldiana is the most popular and common species. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana can have orange, pink, red, white, or red flowers, and some varieties have double flowers.  It blooms in winter, which makes it even more wanted in every home garden. This attractive plant is low-maintenance like any other succulent and will thrive perfectly in full sun with very little water. Be aware that the frost will hurt it.

9. Agave victoria-reginae



The agave specimens are native to the Americas. They are one of the most popular succulents due to their rosette shape, drought resistance, and low maintenance in general. Agaves are also called century plants as it sometimes takes even 100 hundred years for one to bloom. And the blooming happens once as the plant will die afterwards. Agave victoria-reginae is probably the favorite among agave species. It grows to the size of a soccer ball over time.

10. Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’



Aeoniums are popular succulents because they resemble big, fleshy-petalled daisies, and of course, they are easy to grow both in your home or in your garden. There are many hybrids and species out there, but aeonium zwartkop is surely a show stopper with its magenta-black. In winter, bright yellow flowers contrast with the dark foliage. For best results, provide full sun and well-drained soil.

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  1. Many years ago when I was a child of 12 years, I was growing some plants and had a zebra Haworthia but did not know at the time what it was. I entered it in to the Bartow Garden Show in my home town of Bartow Fl. My zebra Haworthia was in bloom and I did not think it would win anything but I was shocked when I was informed that it had won Best In Show. I won a lead crystal bud vase.


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