Low-maintenance plants are becoming more and more popular with time, mostly due to the busy life we are living. This is why succulents are one of the most wanted plants at the moment. In fact, sedums and succulents are one of the TOP 10 hot gardening trends for 2015. They are not only easy to care for but are also suitable for growing in containers and are stylish and cool to look at. You can use them in border areas of flower beds, stone and wall beds.


We believe that this is just the start of the era of sedums and succulents – with the climate changes and busy lifestyle gardener will turn more and more to low-care, drought-tough plants. Knowing all of these facts, you are surely considering to add these little beauties to your home garden. Choose one of these 10 stylish succulents we are suggesting today as they are all low-maintenance, stylish and simply gorgeous.

1. Golden Sedum



Sedum Adolphi or most commonly known as golden sedum will make a great addition to your garden. What makes this variety special and one of the best to grow in your home or garden is the fact that they change color.

They will turn brighter orange when exposed to sun which is why they are perfect to plant along blue and silver colored flowers. The star shaped flowers will add charm to any garden. Not to mention they are low maintenance and drought tolerant.