Dropping pounds can be hard, even if you are stuck to some kind of a diet or if you are visiting gym every day. But, TopIspired.com has made an interesting list of Top 10 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Lose Weight. These tips and tricks are fun and they don’t require a lot of time to make them…actually, if you have less than a minute to spare, you’ve got enough time to cut calories and curb cravings. Also, if you’ve already begun your weight loss, these tricks can maximize your efforts and speed results. So, use every opportunity to slip these tips into your routine and you’ll see the scale go down!

Eat Dessert(600 Calorie) at Breakfast

surprisingly-easy-ways-lose-weight_01Tutorial via wikipedia.org

Eat Chocolate Regulary

surprisingly-easy-ways-lose-weight_02Tutorial via sheknows.com

Eat Nibble Popcorn (Contain as Many Immune-Boosting Antioxidants as Fruits and Vegetables)

surprisingly-easy-ways-lose-weight_03Tutorial via homemadesimple.com

Drink Red Wine

surprisingly-easy-ways-lose-weight_04Tutorial via blog.positscience.com

Smell Your Food

surprisingly-easy-ways-lose-weight_05Tutorial via sheknows.com

Nosh on Coffee Beans

surprisingly-easy-ways-lose-weight_06Tutorial via cibocucina.com.au

Keep Your Hands Cool when you Exercise (You’ll Work Out Longer)

surprisingly-easy-ways-lose-weight_07Tutorial via waterservicesolutions.wordpress.com

Take a Break From the Gym

surprisingly-easy-ways-lose-weight_08Tutorial via tealeavesdogears.wordpress.com

Cut 10 Calories a Day from Your Diet and Lose Weight

surprisingly-easy-ways-lose-weight_09Tutorial via seriouseats.com

Have a Gym Buddy

surprisingly-easy-ways-lose-weight_10Tutorial via freshfitfabulous.wordpress.com