Turnovers are really something special. This pastry can be sweet or savory and it’s equally tasty as appetizer, dessert or even breakfast. With a few basic recipes, you can easily get creative with fillings for this amazing pies. They can be baked, for a healthier meal, or deep fried, for a more indulgent one. Also you can even freeze them for quick meals and snacks. For all of you, we have gathered top 10 turnover recipes. This article contains five sweet and five savory turnover ideas which will leave you speechless. They are perfect  for the moments when you will be craving for a sweet or savory pie like treat. Make them and you’ll be in flaky pastry heaven!

Chicken, Brie and Apple Turnovers

eb4cb6a891caefd434bfea45980521fdRecipe via fromvalskitchen.com

Chicken and Veggie Turnovers

93e714a7c369fbd0fb3d96ee03bfb5b5Recipe via heatheromade.blogspot.com

Turkey Rosemary Turnovers

9d52e774c4e37e3211c48ad100a74401Recipe via rhodesbread.com

Chicken, Brie & Bacon Turnovers

bce5c62e42706f49d34eab1400c8b7d8Recipe via passthesushi.com

Chicken Pot Pie Turnovers

5d8d774e82fada8325f26bacbdf23f9dRecipe via fabulousfoodblog.com

Nutella and Cream Cheese Turnovers

e728d98400415a9c3380fabf8636cb8cRecipe via chefronlock.com

Honey Ricotta Filo Turnovers

593aa3637f426b185fd0199257e847beRecipe via angsarap.net

Cherry and Ricotta Turnovers

479d207e1931c7ae0e53f806de81fde2Recipe via canadianliving.com

Apple Turnovers

f4bdce12bdcf25654ee401f2e3e28443Recipe via familycircle.com

Chocolate and Coconut Mallow Turnovers

34edef17e2ffdc7530596d2e7bd1eeb2Recipe via pegasuslegend-whatscookin.blogspot.com