Ah, sweet summer. Blessed are the ones who live in places where summer is eternal. The rest of us are doomed to wait the hot summer months. So no wonder we start preparing early, some of the world famous designers already have their new swimwear released and we are glad to see that. It is never to early to prepare yourself for the summer season. Starting from toning your body and eating healthy so you can be in perfect shape to choosing a swimsuit to rock on the beach or by the pool.

Some trends in the swimsuit fashion never change, look up the latest fashion and choose the right swimsuit for your body shape.

Scroll down, look up and tell us what you think by commenting. XOXO

1. Black and White Pattern


via en.beach-fashion.com

Don’t walk away form the black and white, it is an old timer and forever excising in the fashion world. This black and white geometrical swimsuit is perfect for those who want to hide their extra belly and show off the bust area.

2. Bright Neon Colors


via southbeachswimsuits.com

If you are doubting between plain yellow and neon yellow, this year pick the neon one. It is an absolute trend for 2015. The wrap top is popular on the cat walks too, so if you have smaller bust size, this kind of push up-wrap top is perfect for you.

3. Ethnic Print


via theorchidboutique.com

Choose from the diverse palette of ethnic prints. A total trend this season are these prints. You don’t have to go extreme, get a bikini top with ethnic print and buy a bikini bottom with a sweet, coral color. The thing with this year’s  swimsuit fashion is that they don’t have to match, so go ahead and be creative.

4. Zip Long Line Triangle Top


via fabfashionfix.com

You will never go wrong choosing this kind of top. Whether you have small or bigger bust size it is manageable and looks absolutely boho and casual. Make sure you check the zip twice before buying this kind of top, you don’t want to take any chances.

5. High Neck Line Bikini Top


via sundancebeach.com

The only draw back to these bikini tops are the tan lines that are sure worth getting. We must admit the spotlight in this years swimsuit fashion are the tops. Especially the cropped tops. What do you think?

6. Block Bikini


via southbeachswimsuits.com

If you are more drawn to the sport bikini style then you won’t be making a mistake getting the block bikini. They were a total blockbuster last year, and no surprise this year too.

7. Floral Swimwear


via en.beach-fashion.com

This year at the Ritratti Milano Swimwear you were able to see a lot of swimwear with floral accent. No wonder, flowers are a reminder of the woman’s nature, gentle and kind. White bikini with colorful floral accent is the perfect swimwear for this summer.

8. Fringed Bikini


via elitefashionswimwear.com

Wear fringed bikini with style. Too much fringes are not good, combine them with a colorful bottom and you will have the perfect combination to have fun at the beach. Once again the neon color is in the spotlight.

9. Lace Bikini


via fashion.allwomenstalk.com

From now on lace is not only for the underwear. A lot of fashion brands, like Victoria’s Secret, included the lace in many of their bikini creations. It looks feminine, rich and boho at the same time.

10. Vintage One Piece Swimsuit


via adoreme.com

Vintage is back in the cat walks. Remember the legendary Marilyn Monroe wearing similar swimsuit. Yup, the inspiration comes from the ’60s and it is very,very popular. Especially the darker colored swimsuits, as this one.