Have you ever thought about making an improvement in your diet? Now is the time to make that conversion in a slightly different way. Don’t be a sceptic to include dehydrated veggies or fruits. It is empirically proven that vitamins and minerals are even more presented in this kind of food. Plus, they are some of the healthiest alternatives to refined sugar. Make that change in a more interesting way, by trying a variety of recipes that contain these sweet ingredients, and make your food even tastier. We can assure you that with the panel below you’ll boost your future cooking.

Hazelnut and Apricot Rochers

tasty-dried-fruits-vegetables-recipes_01Recipe via saveur.com

Frozen Nougat with Dried Fruit

tasty-dried-fruits-vegetables-recipes_02Recipe via dairygoodness.ca

Oven Tomato Chips

tasty-dried-fruits-vegetables-recipes_03Recipe via eatwell101.com

Chocolate Cherry Brownies

tasty-dried-fruits-vegetables-recipes_04Recipe via 101cookbooks.com

Carrot Chips

tasty-dried-fruits-vegetables-recipes_05Recipe via mygutsy.com

Fruit Cake

tasty-dried-fruits-vegetables-recipes_06Recipe via en.petitchef.com

Barbeque Cucumber Chips

tasty-dried-fruits-vegetables-recipes_07Recipe via injohnnaskitchen.com

Dry Fruit Chikki

tasty-dried-fruits-vegetables-recipes_08Recipe via fun4all24x7.blogspot.com

CrockPot Rice

tasty-dried-fruits-vegetables-recipes_09Recipe via kalynskitchen.com

Mince Pie

tasty-dried-fruits-vegetables-recipes_10Recipe via cakecrumbsandinkblots.blogspot.com