There are things that you are aware of that are bad for your skin and there are some things you are not aware of but you should be. Everyday we do some things that contribute to the well being of our skin, like putting on our moisturizer, showering after working out, but we do the opposite too – did you know that showering with hot water is actually very bad for your skin, as it dries the skin out and removes the natural oils? We gathered some of the things that you might be unaware of, that are not good for your skin and that you do every day. It’s never too late to learn something new and useful. Scroll down, stop doing these things and tell us what you think!

1. Too Much Chlorine



Heading to the pool often? Make sure you bring your loofah with you. Chlorine can be bad for your skin so don’t forget to shower and scrub your body to get rid of it. Even after showering at home, chlorine can cling to your skin and react with lotions, cleansers etc if you don’t scrub properly.

2. Drinking Too Much Coffee



Coffee has awesome positive impact on your organism like regulating blood pressure, energy boost etc. but having it too much and too often can cause wrinkling and dry skin. When drinking coffee make sure you have a glass of water too.

3. Skipping Meals



Skipping meals is the worst thing you can do to your body and to your skin. By skipping meals you overeat the next one. And how does skipping meals affect your skin? This habit causes the skin to age faster and to dry out more often. Make sure to include vitamins such as C,E,A to improve your skin health.

4. Hot Showers



As mentioned above, showering with hot water will wash off the natural oils from your skin and will leave it dry and cracked. Shower with lukewarm water and after showering you have 2 minutes to apply moisturizer while your skin pores are still open and absorptive.

5. Talking On The Phone



The surface of the phone is prone to bacteria attaching to it. That bacteria will cling to your face and cause pimple outbreaks. If you have pimples along your jawline and cheeks, it’s a sign that you should clean your phone. Always wear antibacterial wipes with you and clean your phone at least 2 times a day.

6. Hair Products On Your Face



Hair products can be very harmful to your sensitive skin. Next time you apply hairspray, put a towel on your face to protect it. When you go to the gym, wear a sweat band to prevent the sweat and the hair products sliding down to your face.

7. Eating Too Much Sodium



Sodium is necessary for our survival- it is in our blood stream, it is important for proper muscle and nerve function and regulating blood pressure. But Sodium in big quantities it can be bad for your skin. It can suck the water from your skin and will leave it dull and dry. Avoid salty foods and apply moisturizer frequently.

8. Dirty Pillowcases



Change the pillowcases as often as you can. Dead skin cells, dirt and other toxins cling to the pillowcases and at night they go back to your skin causing bacterial infections, acne and other unwanted things. An important factor is the material the pillowcase is made of, make sure you sleep on a pillowcase that is made of natural fabrics such as cotton and silk.

9. The Sauna



A stay at the sauna longer than 12 minutes can be dreadful to your skin. In time the sauna will cause sagging because it will break down skin elasticity and the collagen production in the skin. Avoid the sauna and steam room if you want to preserve your skin.

10. Waxing Too Often



Wax can be your skin’s enemy if you over do it. Waxing too often can increase skin bumps. Don’t grab your wax every time a new hair grows. Give your skin a break at least 3 weeks before waxing the same spot again, especially when i comes to the sensitive parts.