Marriage is a blessing, but marriage requires work. A loooots of work. And love. But since you are already in one, love is probably not lacking, only stagnating. Time for changes, ladies. Don’t blame it on him, don’t blame it on yourself. You both have to work on the spark and the passion, but why not start first? Isn’t it all about compromise and understanding? Ego back, action in front. We have pointed some little things you could do to make your husband feel the love again and feel the need for you. Try little, gain a lot. Enjoy the love again. With him.

Make Him Coffee Every Morning

Who doesn’t wanna wake up and have his coffee already made? Give him this little detailed attention and he will be in mood for you all day long.

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Just Ask “Is There Anything I Can Do For You?”


He won’t make you do anything, but he will appreciate that he has your support, help and commitment.

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King For A Day


Spend an entire day anticipating his wants.  This will blow his mind!  What is his favorite breakfast?  What would he love to see when he comes home?  If he wrote down his perfect day for you, what would be on that list?  Think about that and then do as many things on that list as possible.

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Make A Love Trail


If you’ve got little ones at home, you’ll need to get creative here so they don’t pick up the trail you attempt to leave behind.  Use rose petals, or whatever he loves to lead him to a special place where the two of you can be alone.

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Exchange An Obligation For A Date


We love this one!  Ask him to do a mundane task like picking up milk from the store.  Then surprise him at the store with tickets to a movie he’s been wanting to see (or tickets to anything) and whisk him away for a special date night he never saw coming.

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Tuck A Sexy Love Note In His Pants Pocket


Write a sexy note letting him know how much you look forward to seeing him later that night.  He’ll be hot and bothered all day and breaking every traffic law to get home!

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Dinner Under The Full Moon


Did you know there are sites that tell you when the next full moon will take place?  Pick a date and then set up dinner for two outside in the beautiful moonlight.

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Fall In Love With His Hobby


Well, maybe not fall in love forever…a day is good.  Is there something he loves to do that you use your “hall pass” for every time he mentions it?  This time, just go with it!  Take up his hobby for a day and show interest in something he loves. Who knows, you might figure out exactly why he loves it so much.

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Surprise Him With Lunch At His Job


Sync up your lunch time with your hubby’s and make him (or pick up) his favorite lunch and take it to his office.  If you’re not able to stay to enjoy it with him, leave it with a sweet note that makes him smile from ear to ear.

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Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner


Throw a dinner party and invite his favorite people to come celebrate him with you – for no particular reason.  It could be your in-laws, his closest friends, colleagues or whoever he’d enjoy having dinner with and who love him enough to celebrate him.

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