Vegetarian or not, pizza is a favorite for most of the people in the whole world. This is a familiar Italian meal for everyone and the positive thing about it is that it has thousands of combinations that you can choose from. You can make pizzas with many different kinds of ingredients like: all kinds of cheese, various vegetables, mushrooms and many more. It is hard to choose which pizza you will make, it is the same every time, we know. Because of that, this time we have made a fantastic list of top 10 exiting vegetarian pizza recipes, to help you choose the best ideas. We assure you that they are tasty, or for someone even tastier then the regular pizzas. Enjoy!

Nectarine Pizza with Fresh Basil and Balsamic

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White Bean and Spinach Pizza

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Garden Vegetable Pizza

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Vegetarian Pastry Pizzas

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Zucchini Pizza

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Pizza Frittata

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Taco Salad Pizza

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Grilled Margherita Pizza

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Fig and Goat’s Cheese Pizzas

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Grilled Antipasto Pizza

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