Make it a goal to clean out and organize your pantry these next couple of days. Take the time to throw out all expired products, make everything sparkling clean and restock. With smart organizing and storage solutions, you can use up every dark corner and every inch of your pantry. Take a look at these great ideas to maximize cabinet space and keep everyhing in order. You will be able to find items in a second and easily reach anything. Never run out of supplies by keeping track of your inventory with a practical grocery list. It will help you out a lot in planning meals and with grocery shopping. When you’re done, your pantry will not be only functional, but also nice to look at. But, when everything is done, don’t slack off and try to always keep everything in its place! How does your pantry look now? Have you been putting off this task?

Keep everything visible

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Use a door spice rack

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Use sliding shelves

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Use under shelf baskets for storage

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Label everything

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Use up corner space with Lazy Susans

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Use clear containers to keep track of supplies

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Have a board for grocery lists

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Have a ladder to reach high shelves

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Divide your pantry in zones

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