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Top 10 Tips How to Use Vaseline for Skin Care and Make-up

Who knew that vaseline can be used for so much things, including instead of make-up? Vaseline is a brand name that is the generic name for Petroleum Jelly, and it just celebrated it’s 141 birthday, and there is a reason why it lasted that long. I bet you have some vaseline in your home that sits without use, and now you can change that. Vaseline will help you so much in daily uses, from skin care, to make up removal, and so much more other potencial, that it needs to become part of your every day routine. Specially in winter, when the skin is drying much more, you will find it extremely useful. You will be amazed of all of the things Vaseline can do for you. We hope you that find these tips helpful!

Make-up Removal

eye-makeup-removerTutorial via

Lip Balsam

lipsTutorial via

Eyebrows Gel

c47b7_Perfect-Eyebrow-Shape-for-Your-FaceTutorial via

Skin Softener

legsTutorial via

Perfume Primer

3913957871_81da46f5efTutorial via

Instead of Highlighter

apply-as-a-highlighter-434x650Tutorial via

Hair Dye Protector

dying_long_hair_at_homeTutorial via

Smooth Ponytale

ponytails_chanel_gl_25jul12_PA_bTutorial via

Chafing Healer

78629809Tutorial via

Cuticle Softener

veseligi-skaistas-rokasTutorial via

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  1. Vaseline is made out of the distillation of gasoline. That is gross to put on your skin and body. `Check out the potato chip video on Youtube. It is so gross!!!


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