TOP 10 Tips On How To Grow Your Own Lemongrass


If you like Asian cuisine – Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese or Indian – you are already familiar with the aromatic herb, lemongrass. It has been used in cooking for centuries in South and Southeast Asian countries due to its subtle lemon fragrance and aroma. This ancient herb is a medical herb as well with many health benefits. Research shown that it aids digestion and its oil soothes aching muscles and has antifungal properties. Moreover it has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antioxidant and therapeutic properties.


Did you know that you can actually grow it in your garden or in a pot on your balcony? The plant itself is a perennial grass, native to India. If you want to grow lemongrass outdoors, in the US you will have to live in at least zone 9. However it is perfectly fine to grow it in a pot or container and overwinter it indoors. Lemongrass can grow 3-6 feet outside and smaller when kept inside. Read on to learn about its health benefits and for tips how to grow your own lemongrass!

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1. Lemongrass will sprout roots when placed in water



There is a fantastic thing about lemongrass. If you put the stalks into water they will grow again! This makes lemongrass very easy to deal with. Buy a few lemongrass stalks at the grocery store – we recommend you to take the organic ones – make sure they look fresh, green, and firm. Stick the ends of the stalks in a jar of water, place them on a bright windowsill and change the water regularly. Leave it for a few weeks until they will sprout roots. Once the new leaves start growing, the lemongrass has enough roots and ready to plant them in a pot or in your garden.


2 comments On TOP 10 Tips On How To Grow Your Own Lemongrass

  • Years ago my neighbour gave me a small group of lemongrass plants. I live in northern Australia and we are sub-tropical. Those 4 or 5 plants are now 6 foot round circles. we have had plenty of rain lately so I raided them to get fresh stalks after reading this great article. Now to try the ginger garden 😉

  • June 24, 2018

    I’ve never tried to grow lemon grass however if I get the chance – I might … This year I tried to grow ginger – right now, it’s just starting to sprout with leaves – I’m hoping it continues… I LOVE gardening.

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