TOP 10 Tips On How To Grow Your Own Lemongrass

2. Alternatively Grow Lemongrass from Seed

Since the above mentioned method is so simple, it is not common to grow lemongrass from seed, but it is also an option. Keep the seeds moist and in a warm spot until they germinate, usually within a week or two. When they’re about six inches tall, transplant them to a pot. It is important to move the seedlings outside after the last frost date! Click here for detailed instructions.

2 comments On TOP 10 Tips On How To Grow Your Own Lemongrass

  • Years ago my neighbour gave me a small group of lemongrass plants. I live in northern Australia and we are sub-tropical. Those 4 or 5 plants are now 6 foot round circles. we have had plenty of rain lately so I raided them to get fresh stalks after reading this great article. Now to try the ginger garden 😉

  • June 24, 2018

    I’ve never tried to grow lemon grass however if I get the chance – I might … This year I tried to grow ginger – right now, it’s just starting to sprout with leaves – I’m hoping it continues… I LOVE gardening.

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