You quit alcohol. You start a diet. You start going to the gym. You find a way to release stress. But the hardest thing for you is to quit smoking. Because you are smoke lover. You have your best friend when you feel lonely. When you are bored. You are stressed. When you  wait something or someone.  But it is time for you to stop. See below the top 10 tips to quit smoking faster. Look at this article whenever comes to wish to smoke. Remember our words. Be strong and stay safe. Take care for your health!

Know why you want to quit


Because it is bad for us, isn’t good enough. To get motivated you need powerful, personal reason to quit. Choose the reason that is strong enough to outweigh the urge to light up.

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Don’t Go It Alone


Tell your friends, family and co-workers that you are trying to quit. Their encouragement could make the difference. You may also want to join a support group or talk to counselor.

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Try Nicotine-Replacement Therapy


When you stop smoking nicotine withdrawal may make you feel depressed , frustrated, restless or irritable. Nicotine replacement therapy can help reduce these feeelings. We suggest nicotine gum, lozenges and patches. Or just get a candy when you want to smoke.

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Get Moving


A review of scientific studies has proved that exercise (even a five-minute walk or stretch) cuts cravings and may help your brain to produce anti-craving chemicals.

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Keep Your Hands Busy


If you like holding a cigarette, use an inhalator. Try putting your drink in the hand that usually holds a cigarette. Find a mini game that you can play with your hands.

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Manage Stress


The main reason for many smokers is to kill stress with a cigarette. It calms them. Once you quit, you will need another way to cope with stress. Try getting regular massage, listening to relax music or learning yoga or thi chi.

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Reward Yourself


Set up a plan for your rewards. Definitely reward yourself after the first day, and the second, and the third. Make them good rewards, which you’ll look forward to: CDs, books, DVDs, T-shirts, shoes, a massage, a bike, a dinner out at your favorite restaurant, a hotel stay … whatever you can afford.

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Try Hard and Try Again


It is very common to have a relapse. Many smokers try several times before giving up cigarettes  for good. Don’t quit your wish. Once you’ve made the decision to try again, set a quit date, within the next month.

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Repeat The Benefits of Quitting


When you want to light up one, repeat the positive side of quitting. Better sex, better breathing, longer life, less stress, improved smell and taste, more energy, younger looking skin, whiter teeth and so on and so on…

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Think Positive


Most important is the attitude in your life. You must be positive and willing to stop. Don’t think that you will fail. Just do it!

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