You always want to be at your best throughout the day, and that means you need more time for your beauty routine. You spend a lot of time to pick an outfit, shower, put on makeup, and style your hair before you have to run out the door. But, sometimes you don’t have enough time for that and you are late for your meeting or job. The reason for that is because you often have five minutes to pull yourself together. However, we have a solution for your problem! Try these get-ready-quick tips and get a perfect look, even when you are in a rush!

Braid Your Hair the Night Before and Sleep on It

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Skip Washing Your Hair and Use Dry Shampoo

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Wrap Your Hair in a Microfiber Towel Post-Shower

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Keep Your Beauty Products Organized

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 Contour Your Cheeks Using the “3” Technique

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Choose One Multitasking Hair Product and Apply it with a Vent Brush to Evenly Distribute It

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Curl your eyelashes, apply some mascara, and go!

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Wax On for Effects that Last Up to a Few Months

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Use Your Lipstick as Your Cheek Color

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Skip Highlighter Around Your Eyes and Just Use a Concealer

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