We just love the holidays, it’s bonding time, great food time and spiritual time but what happens when your family invites you to dinner and you don’t have time to visit the hair salon. Holiday is also a time when traveling occurs, whether you are going on a trip or visiting your dearest friends and family it is important to take care of yourself and have couple of ideas of a quick hairstyles that you can do with minimal effort. When you are on the road the last thing you need is a hairstyle that needs to be taken care of so it stays the way it is, you want to be comfortable and capable of managing it. These simple and super easy hairstyles are just perfect when you are in a hurry or in the car/bus/train. Don’t hesitate, try them and let us know what you think.

Low, Side Ponytails


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The low,side ponytail is a statement to style this year. It can be messy and still look cool and chic. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance just a strong elastic band. Tousle the tail for a casual textured effect.

Loose Updo


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The main thing you need to know about this hairstyle is that it’s not supposed to look like you’ve put too much effort in it, in other words let nature take its course, let it be messy. Put bobby pins if extra hair is falling.

Hat Hair


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A black baret is the perfect accessory to make messy and gracy hair look gorgeous and unnoticeable. Wrap ends around a loose curling iron and put hat on. You will look gorgeous and  adorable.

Twist It


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Try this simple hairstyle. All you need to do is plait the upper part of your hair or just the fringes. If you don’t have curly hair it’s totally acceptable because it looks good anyway.Don’t worry if your fringes are gracy, it won’t be noticeable.

Side Waves


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Don’t have the complete arsenal of hair tools? This style is perfect if you have round face, it looks cute and voluminous. Just pin half of your hair all the way back. The end result is a totally dramatic.

Half Up, Half Down


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Our favorite on the go hairstyle is this one. Take half of your hair( the upper part) and pin it back using bobby pins o a bigger pin. Let the other part loose and curl if you have the chance to. Voila

Curly Crop


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If you have shot hair(crop), spritz a scrunching spray on wet locks and style it using you fingers. You’l look fabulous and neat. This hairstyle will hold up on all your travels.

Braid It


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This kind of hairstyle will keep you hair set on place and out of your face. If you are one of the lucky few people that their grandma or mother thought you how to braid, congrats , if not follow the steps on the picture above.

High Knot


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The high knot is one of the seasons top trending hairstyle. How to do it: Simply film your hair over and twist in a bun. Let it be messy and secure the falling hair with bobby pins.

Front Bangs


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If you like to pull your hair back then consider loosing your bangs. If they are gracy then wash them and blow dry them. This is how to pull of the glam factor!