Fashionable and trendy sweater is a must-have for this season. Cozy winter knit garments can be effortlessly glam, especially if you wear them in a combination with appropriate lipsticks. Because fashion trends are changing every year, sometimes instead of buying a new sweater,  it’s a great option to add a little something special to your old ones and make them ,,new” again. So, if you have some old sweatshirts which are hanging in your closet, then you must follow this list of Top 10 Trendy DIY Sweater Makeovers. These projects are really more of a simple embellishment than a DIY project, but they are such a great way to change your old cardigans!

Pretty DIY Bow Sweater

trendy-diy-sweater-makeover_01DIY Tutorial via

DIY Neon Cardigan

trendy-diy-sweater-makeover_02DIY Tutorial via

DIY Winter Sweater

trendy-diy-sweater-makeover_03DIY Tutorial via

DIY: Tie-Neck Sweater

trendy-diy-sweater-makeover_04DIY Tutorial via

DIY Sequin Heart Elbow Patch

trendy-diy-sweater-makeover_05DIY Tutorial via

DIY Jewelry Sweatshirt

trendy-diy-sweater-makeover_06DIY Tutorial via

DIY Sequin Elbow Patch Sweater

trendy-diy-sweater-makeover_07DIY Tutorial via

DIY Hearty Sweater

trendy-diy-sweater-makeover_08DIY Tutorial via

DIY Studded Sweater

trendy-diy-sweater-makeover_09DIY Tutorial via

DIY Polka Dot Sweater

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