There is nothing sexier and more sophisticated than the classic smoky eye look. And the good thing is that this look never goes out of style. That’s why almost every page of today’s magazine has a picture of a celebrity or a popular model sporting the smoky eye look! This classic, sexy look draws attention to the most expressive part of your face, and the smoky veil conveys a sense of mystery. Whether you’ve got to attend  fancy party or some special celebration, creating a smoky eye can add a bit of sophisticated drama to your look. Now, it’s easy to create a perfect smoky eye that seduce everyone. Follow these 10 smoky eye tutorials with step-by-step instructions. We guarantee that they will give you the perfect sultry eye for the evening!

Dark Smoky Eyes

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Dangerously Sexy Eyes

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Peach Smoky Eye

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Sparkling Smoky Eyes

a1cbe0c6f53465fa50204dffab910f44Tutorial via Kiki Chosid

Simple Smoky Eye Makeup

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Perfect Smoky Eye

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Colorful Smoky Eyes

94822ca294c5ccecd8c7bf6383409fadTutorial via Kyiah’s Accessories

Victoria’s Secret Smoky Eyes

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Seductive Smoky Eyes

827d960adf2483aae65d8d456f740390Tutorial via Talita Scoralick

Sparkly Exotic Eyes

eyeliner_tutorial_maryamTutorial via