We all need umbrella in the rainy season, so why don’t you be unique while you are protecting from the rain?
Umbrellas are designed to protect us from the rain. Typically, they consist of a wooden or metal shaft, where on the edge of the supporting beams are placed the fabric which either offers shade, or protect from the rain or the snow. But of course, the umbrellas did not left indifferent the designers, and so we have different shapes, a variety of designs or colors and umbrellas that are whole installations.
Today, we will show you 10 umbrella ideas that are very original and interesting to wear on a rainy day.

Rain Drum

RainDrum011Photo credit to fridge.gr

Tandem Umbrella

tandemPhoto credit to blog.adw.org

Coffee Loving Umbrella

coffee-holderPhoto credit to designyoutrust.com

Heart Umbrella

heart-umbrelaPhoto credit to marissarodriguez.com

Rain Brush

rain-brushPhoto credit to woohome.com

See Through Umbrella

see-throughPhoto credit to photoblog.statesman.com

Rainbow Umbrella

rainbowPhoto credit to flickr.com

Hands Free Umbrella

hands-freePhoto credit to elevendesign.wordpress.com

Purse Umbrella

umbrela-pursePhoto credit to pairsofchairs.wordpress.com

Red Umbrella

red1Photo credit to cuerdon.com