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Top 10 DIY Unique Vinyl Records Recycle

If you still own your vinyl records, don’t you even think about throwing them away!
In case you don’t listen to music from them anymore, and they are only collecting dust in the basement, we are giving you some inspirational ideas that will encourage you to find a way how to make good use of the once-popular vinyl records.

Nowadays it is rare for someone to be listening to records on record players, so instead of throwing the excess away (even though there are a lot of rare old vinyl records from the 50s , 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s), use them to make art, holders, bowls, clocks, something you can use in everyday life and give your home a unique look.
We give you 10 ideas, so we hope you like them and give them a try!

Cupcake Holder


Grab those old records and make one retro cupcake holder from them. An important thing to know about this project is to find thick vinyl because it will take more weight.



For those who love making their own bags, could this idea be more awesome? Read on the link how this girl made the adorable vinyl record bag, and make it for yourself!



It is annoying when you put a glass on your wooden table and turns out to be wet for some reason. But, you can prevent that by putting little vinyl records under your glasses.

Bottle Holder


This one is a great idea, and you can do this by putting your vinyl in boiling water, which will make the plastic loosen up. You can then shape it the way you want it.



Do you want to be unique with and stand out from the crowd with a homemade notebook? Well, this is the perfect way for that, just get two old vinyls and one notebook, and start making this beautiful notebook.

Fruit Bowl


To create this beautiful fruit bowl, you already know that you need one vinyl, but the other thing you need to do is to place the record on top of an overturned bowl in the oven. For more specific information on how to do that, open the link above.

Wall Art


For this one you need to use your imagination, and a pair of scissors. Make butterflies in different shapes and types, and bring them into life by attaching them on the wall.

Side Table


This is one super easy project, but first, you need to procure one planter stand, glue, and a vinyl record. Then, just glue the record nicely, let it dry and there you have your new retro-style side table!



If you are a book lover and you have your own little library at your home, then you maybe need to do something to refresh it, but in some kind of “old” way. Use these past-century records and make your unique book holder.



This is maybe a tough task to conquer, but you can come up with an easier version, that will also look great and unique. Take your knife and cut your own shape, add batteries and clock hands, and you should be done.

Alright, everyone. Let’s set the record straight. It’s time to pay the piper. We hope you liked what we had in store for you and that you would try at least one of the ideas.

Anyway, what do you think of it? Did any idea particularly catch your eye? Or did you maybe prefer a different option? Speak your mind and tell us all about it in the comments.

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