Top 10 Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers

Kids love every celebration and every occasion that includes fun and joy. That’s why they adore almost every holiday, because those are the special times when they can express their creativity and inspiration. With Valentine’s Day approaching, here is another great excuse for making crafts and DIY projects with your little ones. Finding appropriate crafts for preschoolers can be very challenging, but somehow we’ve gathered 10 Valentine Crafts that can be easily done by those little hands. Check out the list below and spend the weekend by making interesting projects with your kids. Spread love!

Love Blooms


Love blooms are definitely a nice decoration for every kid room. Or they can be a thoughtful gift for a grandmother, which is made by the hands of her little grandchildren. So get your kids involved and make something cute and interesting!

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Valentine Heart Mobile


Spread love around your house by making hearts with your little monsters. Valentine heart mobile is a project which will be a nice decor for your windows. It can be easily done by every age group!

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Valentine’s Day Heart Caterpillar Craft


Find some colorful papers and get your kids in a mood for making a lovely and hearty caterpillar. This is a fun and easy project that can be made even by the hands of toddlers!

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Robot Valentines


Robot Valentine’s are cute and festive gift cards that share love in a childish way. With a few crafting supplies, your children will easily make this project that everyone will love!

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Heart-Shaped Borax Crystals


Heart-shaped borax crystals are one of our favorite ideas on the list. It’s a perfect craft for preschooler which will inspire them! Also they’ll have a lot of fun, especially if you’re proud mom of girls!

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DIY Valentine’s Day Treat Pockets


There is nothing better than a homemade gift. So inspire your little ones and let them to create unique treat pockets for Valentine’s Day. Fill the bags with some homemade cookies and you’ll have meaningful gift for some close family member!

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Valentine Wreath


Celebrate love in the best possible way and create an amazing Valentine wreath with your kids. They will love it…plus it’ll be a nice decor for your front door!

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Red Solo Cup Valentine’s Day Craft


Heart man is a craft that every kid will love and will have fun while making it. So cover yourself with all necessary materials and supplies and have fun time with your family!

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Valentine Sun Catcher


What a romantic craft?! It’s wonderful and it doesn’t look like is made by the hands of a preschooler! All you need are right papers in the right colors and some free time, which will be effectively spent with your loved one, that’s for sure!

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“I Love You Beary Much” Valentine Bear


Make a Valentine bear with your little monsters and say ,,I love you” to a grandmother, aunt or friend in the cutest way ever. This is definitely a heart-melting gift that will be always remembered! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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