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Top 10 Valentine Heart-Shaped Hairstyles

As the holiday of love, the heart is the trademark of Valentine and on Valentine’s day you can see it everywhere. Everywhere we turn we see heart-shaped products, decorations, foods and accessories. It is no wonder that we can get a bit heart-crazy. But, hey, it is for only one day and the most beautiful day of the year, since it is the day of lovers. If you too feel caught up in the Valentine’s heart frenzy, here is a another idea where you can use the shape of the heart: in a hairstyle. These top 10 heart-shaped hairstyles are suitable for all ages and excellent for spreading the spirit of Valentine to your loved ones and beyond.

Heart Braids


Every time we make a braid, we make a chain of small hearts. We usually don’t see them, but with just a little touch up, everyone will.

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Double-Twist Hearts


If you don’t know how to make a braid or are bad at it but still want to make your heart hairdo yourself, then this is the hairtsyle for you.

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Locks Of Love


This seemingly complicated and braid-less hairstyle is deceptively easy to make. Just follow the steps and you’ll look adorable in no time.

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Love Bun


One of the more elegant hairdos is the simple bun, needing only a bun maker and a few minutes. Keeping with the Valentine theme, now you can learn how to make your own heart bun.

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Braided Heart Half Ponytail With Ribbon Accent


Let love always be at the back of your mind with this lovely braided heart tutorial.

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2 Braided Hearts


You are never lonely when you have someone to love or when someone loves you. So, make a pair of loving hearts with your hairdo as well.

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Lace Braid Heart


If you want a firmer hairdo, try making this lace braid heart hairstyle. It’s also more fun, since the heart looks like it’s smiling.

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Sweetheart Braid


You can make this hairstyle so quick and easy that you don’t even need a mirror and you’ll have a lot more time to spend with your sweetheart.

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Lovely Heart Braid


Want to leave everyone behind you with a warm and happy feeling? Then make this elaborate heart hairdo for Valentine and spreads the love.

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Cute Decorative Heart Braid


Maybe the previous hairstyles are too much for you and you think that with them you might look like a walking heart. But still you are intrigued and you would like to have a heart in your hair for Valentine’s day. Then you need to learn this hairdo.

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